Q10/27 Brands Hatch course, Thu 13th May

After the disappointment of another event not taking place on Saturday, we now have the first evening event of the year coming up. This takes place on Thursday at 7.15pm on the Q10/27 Brands Hatch course.

Please see the message below from Duncan as organizer for 7Oaks Tri;


We have also created a one pager for events run by 7 Oaks Tri (good idea Sam!), please note the change to the link for the CTT Covid-19 risk assessment, this is the the updated version, seems they have mitigated some risks because of the vaccine roll out.

Key points are on the attached document, please share it with your club members.

Please note that the start is at 7.15, so arrive early for signing on!

Hopefully the weather will be better than today, currently shows a 32% risk of showers at 7pm, 8 mph wind and 13 degrees but as we all know, it will change between now and Thursday!


Hopefully this one will happen and we will have a reasonable turnout.

7 Oaks Tri CTT Covid-19 risk assessment

Q10/24 Isle of Grain Cancelled

After the scare regarding the roadworks it is now the weather that is the concern.

Looking at the BBC website forecast there is a 86% to 92% chance of heavy rain and 18 to 21 mph winds at Grain when the event is supposed to be taking place. Due to the safety factor (probably the lack of riders that will turn up) and to give people plenty of warning I have decided (with agreement from 7Oaks Tri) to cancel the event.

Let’s hope for better at the Q10/27 Brands Hatch course on Thursday evening at 7.15pm.

Q10/24 Isle of Grain course at 9.00am


Having looked at the above site this morning there was concerns over roadworks, (actually looks like footpath building) with 30mph limit and a traffic light sign. Thanks to Tony LaMoury’s (7Oaks Tri) work colleague we have had confirmation that there is nothing there as of this morning. He will also keep us up to date if anything changes. Obviously you need to make be aware that there is a possibility of sudden cancellation if something does appear.

Following the way the Avanti’s event’s event ran smoothly last weekend, I don’t see any reason to change any of their suggestions put forward and I have also pinched their guidance rules (thanks Doug)!

Each rider to bring own pen and safety pins.
No static trainers,  warm up on the road only.
Go home once  you have finished the event and your number has been returned.
Need for working front and rear lights.
No money required, this will be resolved within the clubs.

The weather did look reasonable for Saturday morning earlier today, but already has changed. Hopefully it will change again.

There are now 5 of us running the event;

Richard Birtwistle
Doug Bentall
Pete Mahoney
Dave Mulford
Dave Twin

Let’s now get riders out on this flat course to score some points

Sydenham Wheelers Guidance for Interclub TT entrants during Covid

First Interclub event of 2021

Well the first interclub event of the year actually took place on Saturday with 17 people taking part in very cold conditions. Some very fast times were posted due to the lack of wind. Personally I couldn’t get going. See results attached.

Next Saturday it will be our turn on the Q10/24 Isle of Grain course at 9.00am. So far there are 4 of us running the event;

Richard Birtwistle
Doug Bentall
Pete Mahoney
Dave Twin

Due to the  course we can probably get away with 4 but always nice to have another.

Otherwise it would be good to get some riders out on this flat course in what at the moment looks like it is going to be a nice day .

Sunday there was actually 3 of us out on the Club Run. It would be good to keep this momentum going 9.15am each Sunday.