Eastbourne Rovers 25 CC 6/8 (G25/89)

A little chilly but the winds weren’t too bad for a for this rolling course. It was a reasonable turnout from the club. 2nd claim member Mark Newton returning from injury was the fastest with a 57.29 (16th). First claim member results were Richard Birtwhistle with 59.19 (25th), Kevin Beament did 1.04.58 (46th), Dave Twin 1.06.09 (51st) returning from holiday the previous day and Nick Gritton 1.07.41 (52nd) on a road bike which was to be sold in the evening on Ebay! The overall winner was Rob Stephenson, Southborough & District Wheelers in 53.45.

Farnham RC 25 held Sun 18/06/2017 (H25/8)

The layout of the field was a little strange for this event and as a result Dave Twin had the joys of Kevin Beament off 1 minute behind him. This seemed to be a bit of an incentive for both riders as they turned in much better times than the previous week, probably also helped by very warm conditions even at that time in the morning. Dave came out on top with 1.01.27 (57th) and Kevin finished in 1.02.14 (62nd). Bob Loader also rode bringing up the back of the field in 1.27.07 (80th). Jon Coulson was a nonstarter. The overall winner was Chris Bartley, AS Test Team in 48.24.

Return Of The Yeulett ‘Race Face’

Riding his first event in 3 years Mark recorded a pretty impressive 23:59 at a Maindenhead CC event on the H10/2 course on Thursday 22nd June. The full result is available HERE.

Southborough & Dist Wh 25 – 11th June G25/89

When you get up at 4 in the morning and there isn’t a cloud in the sky and the recent wind seems to have dropped you hope for good things! Of course once you get to the event the cloud is building up big time and the wind is reappearing. On top of that it start drizzling on the return leg. It also looked like it was going to be a good turnout of both first and second claim members with 4 first and 3 second entered. However on the day only 4 actually rode. Of those riders the results were David Twin 1.04.52 (29th), Kevin Beament 1.05.03 (30th), Bob Loader 1.33.21 (51st) and 2nd claim member Richard Tully 57.12 (7th). The event was won by Pete Tadros In¬-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT in 52.55.

Crawley Wheelers 41.6 – 14th April, GS/196 course

As per previous years there was a good turnout from the club for this sporting event, with 4 members turning up to ride on a chilly Good Friday. The wind seemed to be with you slightly on the way out and against on the way back. The fastest on the day was Richard Birtwhistle with 1.44.04 (19th), followed by Robert Royston 1.51.08 (37th), Dave Twin 1.55.52 (48th) and Kevin Beament 1.57.13 (50th). The overall winner was Mark Smith of Crawley Wheelers in 1.34.33.

East Surrey Hardriders 29.9 – GS/491 on 12th March

Thankfully the weatherman got the forecast of rain wrong and conditions generally were good for this early season classic. After a couple of years of a shortened course due to the broken bridge which has now been replaced, it was back to the full distance. There was a good representation from the club on the start sheet, but unfortunately Paul Bellamy due to having metal work taken out his shoulder and Kevin Beament going off skiing meant there weren’t as many riding. The conditions resulted in some quick rides, with the winner John Dewey, Team Bottrill/HSS Hire finishing in 1.02.53. First claim rider times were as follows: Richard Birtwhistle 1.18.13 (48th), Robert Royston 1.18.41 (52nd), David Twin 1.19.25 (56th) and Ed Rieu 1.31.20 (86th). For a while there was a thought we were in with a chance of the vet team prize unfortunately that was not to be. Second claim members times were: Mark Newton 1.11.44 (21st) and Winsome Levy 2.08.44 (94th).

Happy New Year

The provisional calendar of Club and Inter-Club events is now available on this website. Here’s to a safe and fast season ahead!