Presidents Ride

The White Hart in Claygate has been selected for the Presidents Ride on Saturday the 8th of December. The price is £13 a head for a 3 course meal. IF we can get good numbers, then this price will be £10 a head. Please let me Pete Mahoney know if you are coming along.

Bottom of Polhill, setting off at 9:30
Hadlow, setting off at 10:30
Whit Hart, eating 12:30

Hill Climb Goes To Pete – Again

It was a disappointing turn out for the last 2 trophies of the year but it was cold! A big thank you, to Bob for time keeping and Dave Fleming as the ‘race director’. The Down Hill was won by Rob Royston but the victory in the one that really counts went to Pete Mahoney. Pete Mahoney – 6.48, Robert Royston – 7.07 and Dave Mulford – 11.08.

SERRL Winter Series

The SERRL Winter Series at the Gravesend Cyclo Park is back. First race is on the 21st of October. If you’ve still got the legs after a long season or just starting then what better way to keep that competitive spirit going. Events listed on RiderHQ.

South East Road Race League Results

Report from Pete Mahoney
Rob Thatcher recorded his first win of the year at the Gravesend Cyclo Park on the 13th of Sept. Rob out sprinted ex team mate (and second claim member) Paul Butler. This event was held under flood lights, in the Thursday League competition.

In the Summer Series Rob recorded a 2nd place at the same venue the previous Saturday, 8th of Sept.

Pete Mahoney finished his racing season off with a 6th place in the SERRL Summer Series, 22nd of Sept. This was also held at the Cyclo Park.

Also, congratulations to second claim member Paul Butler on gaining his 2nd Category Race license. A season goal!

If you have not been to the Cyclo Park yet, I would recommend it. No need to be into racing. Take the whole family up there and enjoy a leisurely ride around the trails or track, without the hassle of road traffic.

Results From Graham

Graham Ward is having a late flurry of results before the season winds up. He rode the KCA 12 hr event on 2nd September notching up an impressive 204.932 miles. Two weeks later he followed it up with a 1:04:27 in a windy KCA 25 mile event won by Kevin Tye of Data Team Allstars in 52:08.

Club RR Champs Cancelled

Please be aware that due to a mixture of limited interest in this event and complications around running the event as a private event at CycloPark the decision has been taken to cancel this years event. The intention is that next year we will be able to organise something similar to the 2011 event at Hillingdon which was such a success.

Old Portlians CC 25 held 19th Aug on G25/45

After a period of not entering open events ,mainly due to the terrible weather conditions we have had this season, both Rob Royston and Dave Twin decided to actually do something as the season is fast disappearing. For a change the duo were meet with a reasonable day with only light winds, on this rolling course they both enjoy. Dave was first off and due to not having even sitting on a bike a bike for over a week only managed a 1.02.42 (18th). Rob Royston went a lot better finishing in 1.00.04 (10th). The overall even was won by Steve Dennis, East Grinstead CC in 52.31.

San Fairy Ann 10 Sat 30th June on Q10/22

There should have been 4 first claim members riding this sporting 10 but due to sickness etc Dave Twin was the sole representative on the day. Due to the strong winds on the day even he wishes he hadn’t bothered finishing in a very disappointing 25.03 (33rd). Ben Wimpory riding in his Loughborough Students CC colours managed a 22.09 (8th). The overall winner was Pete Tadros In-Gear Quickvit in 20.21.

Horsham Cycling 10 – G10/57 23rd June

Graham Ward and father/son paring of Howard and Ben Wimpory headed to Horsham to the G10/57 course, a fast(ish) and flattish course with 11 roundabouts in 10 miles! For once there was no rain but a strong headwind on the way back slowed times from the turn. Graham Ward was the first Sydenham starter and recorded an impressive 24.47 despite a coughing fit. Next up was Howard Wimpory in his first open time trial with a 25.16. Ben Wimpory was seeded third on the day but didnt live up to the optimistic fielding finishing in 22.02 with a chain jam. The day was a day for the real power men to battle into the headwind and an incredible time was posted of 19.10 which was later to be disqualified as he has turned short on one of the many roundabouts. The winner was Pete Tadros in a time of 20.07.

Southborough & District Wh 25 Sun 17th June G25/89

After severe winds on the Saturday, things had calmed down quite a bit by Sunday morning, although it was still a little blustery. The general consensus was the wind should be against you on the way out and with you coming back. It however did not work out like that. The Sydenham had three representatives on this rolling course that could well do with some road repairs in places. Dave Twin was first club member off and got about three miles in to be met by a nice rain shower. Thankfully after that things brightened up a bit and he recorded a time of 1.02.04 (30th). Bob Loader was off next riding a recently acquired carbon frame and finished in 1.17.43 (57th). He was however caught by Graham Ward just before the line for 10 minutes riding a road bike with clip on tri-bars. Graham finished in 1.07.38 (50th). The overall winner was Elliot Porter, Team Corridori-Specialized who finished in 53.39.

Reading CC 50 Sun 10th June on H50/8

There were three Sydenham riders down to start in the field of 66, Bob Loader however was a non starter. This was a bit of a trend as there were 19 in total, which was probably as a result of the weather forecast. On the day however this wasn’t as bad as originally expected. The wind was from the East, which was totally opposite to the Charlotteville event a few weeks earlier and there was only a small amount of light drizzle around. Kevin Beament was the first of the remaining club riders to start riding his first 50. Unfortunately though he got to the start late and incurred a 6 minute late start. He eventually finished with a 2.24.16 (39th). Dave Twin finished in 2.05.15 (19th). The overall winner was Gavin Atkins, Hemel Hempsted CC in 1.49.20.

Crawley Wheelers 41.59 Sun 3rd June GS/196

A very miserable day, but all but one of the Sydenham riders turned up to ride this great course and the only reason Steve Thurgood wasn’t there was due to illness. Rob Royston was the first to start from the club, getting round in 1.49.15. Richard Hallett followed and finished in 1.48.01. Next came Pete Mahoney who did the fastest club time of 1.46.49. David Twin did a 1.49.04. Kevin Beament didn’t finish due to not being happy with the position on his new TT bike in the damp conditions. Ben Wimpory was riding in his Loughborough colours and had a time of 1.59.27 posted on the result board. This was generally believed to be 10 minutes out, which would make all the times pretty close. The overall winner was Wouter Sybrandt of Sigma Sport in 1.32.21.

Hounslow and District 100 TT (H100/88)

Graham Ward represented Sydenham Wheelers on Sunday 27th May at the Hounslow and District Open 100 TT. Riding his first 100 mile time trial on the H100/88 course, with a time of 4:54:02.His Split times during the ride were:
25 miles- 1:08:12
50 miles – 2:17:58
100 miles – 4:54:02

Conditions were very hot and blustery.The winner was Adam Topham (High Wycombe CC) in 03:37:51, 2nd place went to Julian Jenkinson (Contre La Montre) in 3:43:40.

Charlotteville CC 50 Sun 13th May (H50/8)

There was a reasonable turnout from the club for this rolling course, probably in part due to the fact it didn’t start too early. On top of that the sun was shining and the wind was generally quite light. Ed Rieu was the first member off finishing in a time of 2.18.55. Bob Loader was off second but did not finish. Bob puts this down to being at a disco to quite late the previous evening! New member and colleague of Ed’s Nicola Pike was next, finishing in a time of 2.08.29 according to the provisional result. This was actually more like a 2.59.?? Dave Twin started two minutes in front of 2nd claim member Mark Newton and was soon pasted. Dave finished with a 2.02.55 and Mark with 1.54.13. The overall winner was James Gilfillan (Contre La Montre) in 1.48.08

Worthing Excelsior Sun 20th May (G25/53)

Second claim member Mark Newton (Elite Cycling) was also out battling cross winds in his event in Surrey. His present top form still showing through with a time of 57.06 to give him 5th place. Steve Dennis, East Grinstead CC won the event in 52.56

San Fairy Ann 50 Sun 20th May (Q50/11)

The recent bad weather conditions continued as early heavy rain and a rising wind were the order of the day. Bob Loader and Dave Twin were the only two Sydenham entrants. Bob was first of the duo to start and got round in a time of 2.52.34, in the process setting another South East Vets record as no one of his age has completed a 50. Dave finished in 2.11.25. The winner was Steve Berry, Team Swift in 1.50.44, just piping Kevin Tye Datateam Allstars by 6 seconds.

Pete Shows His Class

Pete Mahoney shows his class by finishing 5th in the 2/3/4 SERRL event around the Rolvenden circuit on 29th April. The event was run on rain lashed roads with the top ten being made up of seven 2nd Cat riders, two 3rd Cats and Pete with 17 DNF’s – a sure sign that the event was tough enough to make sure that the placing’s went to the select few with the legs. In fact Pete was the only 4th Cat to finish – an experience he will never have again. His ability means he has plenty more results ahead of him but never again as a 4th Cat as a 3rd Cat licence is now in the post. Judging by the pain he reportedly dishes out in training we think it’s unlikely to be the last licence upgrade he gets. Full result on BCF website HERE!

Club Open 25 Result

The result sheet for the Club Open 25 is now available. Well done to all those that rode. RESULT SHEET.

KCA 25 held Sunday 8th April on Q25/8

An overcast chilly morning with a bit of a breeze is what the full field of 120 riders were greeted with when they turned up at the tiny Molash Village Hall. Three riders from Sydenham were present. Dave Twin was the first of them to start off number 25. For half of the course Dave had dry conditions but then the rain started to come down which soon started to get through and make things feel even colder. He finished in 1.04.00 (43rd). Bob Loader was next to start and had to contend with the rain most of the way round and finished with a 1.22.13 (98th). Ben Wimpory was the last to start but didn’t get very far before his back tyre blew out. The overall winner was again Steve Berry, Team Swift.

East Sussex CA 2-Up Sun 1st April on GS/839

The wind from the previous day had dropped and the sun was once again shining, even if it was rather cold when riders started to turn up at the hall. The only pairing to enter from the Sydenham was Dave Twin and Kevin Beament. With Ed lending Kevin his TT bike they certainly look the part on matching Colnago Flights even if due to one stop for a banging wheel magnet and Dave deciding to miss one of the turns they didn’t do the best of times, finishing with a 1.01.54. The good news was that as they finished this nominated event, they pick up the 2-up silverware for this year. The overall winners were Peter Morris and Tom Glandfield of Lewes Wanderers in 53.10.