Club 2 Up Trophy

Epsom CC 25 held Sunday 27th September on G25/54 – Not nice heading off to an event when it is basically still dark. On top of that the clear conditions resulted in a warm up ride in foggy, chilly conditions. Robert Royston and Dave Twin were the first pairing off in this nominated trophy event and were greeted with the sun appearing over the horizon on the first of two laps around the revised Horsham course. Although riding smoothly the duo finished in a time of 1.01.17.(7th and last in the teams that started). Ben Wimpory and Jon Coulson also road finishing in 56.28 (3rd). However as Ben is only 2nd claim Sydenham they could not win the trophy. Therefore Robert and Dave win it by default. The winners were James Copeland, Fareham Wheelers and Gary Chambers, Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA in 51.44.

Charlotteville 25 held on H25/8 on 26th July 2015

A muggy, warm day with a blustery wind was not completely the conditions that were hoped for on this afternoon event. People were still turning in fast times however with 62 people breaking the hour. Alas the two Sydenham representatives were not amongst them. Dave Twin did his fastest 25 time in a couple of seasons with a 1.00.21 (64th) and Derek Taylor finished in 1.07.00 (94th). 2nd claim member Ben Wimpory was a nonstarter. The Overall winner was James Boyman, Farnham RC in 49.33.

Farnham RC 25 held Sunday 18th June 2015

Yet another windy day seemed to slow a lot of riders in the huge field of 143 riders, while others didn’t seem to be affected. There were only two Sydenham representatives have mixed fortunes. Dave Twin managed a 1.03.47 (68th) on the back of a bout of food poisoning. Jon Coulson finished a very respectable 57.06 (14th). 2nd claim member Mark Newton who was down as the ceded rider to beat was a DNS. The event was won by James Boyman of the promoting club in a time of 50.25, more than three and a half minutes faster than the next man!

Southborough & Dist Whls 25 14th June on G25/89

It was a bit misty on the drive down and sole first claim member Dave Twin was hopeful of a calm day to ride this rolling course with a number of roundabouts. However there still seemed to be a bit of a breeze out on the course. The Southborough & District were apparently using this as a club trophy event. As a result 2nd claim member Doug Bentall was riding and finished with a 1.05.06 (28th) which was only 40 seconds off his PB for a 25. Dave eventually finished with a 1.02.57 (19th). The event was won by Pete Tadros, In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT in 53.15.

KCA 50 held on the Q50/11 course 07/06/2015

Due to the main A2070 road onto the Marsh being closed some riders were in a bit of a rush to make the their start times. It was as usual a blustery experience for all that started with Pete Mahoney being one that didn’t. Before the start 2nd claim member Ben Wimpory was asking advice on how he should ride his first 50. It wasn’t really necessary as he finished in 1.54.50 (3rd). Others taking place had mixed results. Richard Birtwhistle did a 2.03.29 (17th) and was disappointed. Dave Twin was very disappointed with his 2.15.17 (29th) and was beaten by one position by 2nd claim member Doug Bentall in 2.15.07 (28th). Finally Paul Delicata was pleased with his PB of 2.18.29 (34th). The winner was Jonathan Parker PMR@Toachim House who set a new course record of 1.47.13.

Bigfoot CC 25 on 24/05/2015 – Q25/8

The conditions were a lot better than when Pete Mahoney and Dave Twin rode it a few weeks earlier. Conditions were dry, but the blustery breeze was mainly against you on the long leg towards Ashford. This time however Pete went slightly slower with a 59.17 (29th), David went slightly quicker with 1.02.45 (51st) and Kevin Beament did a 1.04.49 (61st) on the back of a cold. The winning time was 54.26 by Alex Kirk of Dulwich Paragon.

SFA 50 Sunday 17th May on Q50/1

5 Sydenham riders took on the challenge of effectively riding the Harrietsham 25 course twice. Although the day was bright, the wind gradually got up during the event making the Ashford to Leeds leg a lot harder the second time around. Due to the constant up down nature of this sporting course you never seem to achieve quick times on this course, which makes the winning time of Jonathan Parker, PMR@Toachimhouse of 1.51.51 even more remarkable. The Sydenham riders times were as follows; Bob Loader – 3.01.22 (37th), Paul Delicata – 2.29.58 (31st), Pete Mahoney – 2.09.48 (16th), Robert Royston – 2.19.40 (25th), due to issues with the set up on his new time trial bike and Dave Twin – 2.16.08 (20th).

Sevenoaks Triathlon

Dave, Richard and Ed went out to watch the Ben and Howard Wimpory and Andy Fruin in the Sevenoaks Triathlon on Sun 19th April. What a great result they all had:
3rd – Ben Wimpory (2nd claim), including 3rd fastest cycle time and 4th fastest run
54th – Howard Wimpory (1st claim), including 2nd fastest swim time!
116th – Andy Fruin (1st claim)

Full Result Here.

Catford CC Open 10 – Sat 25/4 Q10/19

For a change riders were not met with icy cold conditions. No it was warmer but damp! There were 3 first and 3 second claim Sydenham riders on the start sheet. First claim times were Richard Birtwhistle 22.43, Dave Twin 24.57 (due to jumping chain) and Bob Loader 30.22. Second claim times were Mark Newton 21.57, Ben Wimpory 20.41 (4th overall) and Doug Bentall 24.42. The overall winner was Jonathan Parker PMR@ToachimHouse in 19.39.

Wigmore 25 – 3rd May

The Sydenham had 2 riders in last Sunday’s Wigmore CC Open 25 mile TT. Weather conditions were miserable with persistent rain throughout the morning but at least it wasn’t freezing cold! A great prize list meant a full field of 120, of which 88 started, 3 DNF. Dave Twin had a very early alarm call. Off at 06:18, to produce a time of 01:03:44 for eventual 54th . Pete Mahoney off at 08:22, producing a PB! 58:19 for 19th place. The winning time was a stunning 51:50 by Seth Kay (PMR)!

Full Result Here.

SCCU Weekend Of Sporting Events

10 held Saturday 21st March 2015 on G10/46 course.
It was a cold windy morning that welcomed the riders to the first part of this sporting weekend. With a headwind on the hilly section of the course slowing times up. The two Sydenham riders present put in very respectable performances. Richard Birtwhistle 25.37 (13th) picking up wine (value £5) for being the fastest vet between 55-59. Robert Royston did a 26.40 (20th). The overall event was won by Chris McNamara, Pedal Heaven in 22.24.

25 held Sunday 22nd March 2015 on G25/43 course.
The 25 course was more or less 3 circuits of the previous days 10 course. The wind again having an effect on the hilly section. Mark Newton (2nd claim) was the best placed of the club representation finishing in 1.02.19 (11th). Robert Royston came in with 1.09.47 (30th), Derek Taylor 1.12.38 (40th) and Bob Loader 1.34.14 (54th). It was Bob’s turn to pick up wine (value £5) for being the fastest vet between 80-84. David Twin did not start due to back problems. The overall winner of this one was John Dewey, Dorking CC in 57.05.

East Surrey Hardriders 27.25 08/03 on GS491E

The shortened course from last year remained for the 51st year edition of this local classic. An incredible 9 first claim and 2 second claim members were down on the start sheet, unfortunately on the day Paul Delicata and Peter Harber had to send their apologies due to illness. Bright weather with much lighter winds than the previous day is what greeted all those that did start. As the event went on the temperature also began to rise. The placing were as follows:
15th – Mark Newton (2nd claim) – 1.06.27
20th – Peter Mahoney – 1.07.19 – New TT bike paying dividends as we have all been telling him for a few years!
36th – Richard Birtwhistle – 1.10.56 – Believe he had a late start.
45th – Richard Hill – 1.12.29
46th – David Twin – 1.13.00
53rd – Robert Royston – 1.16.02 – Had a cap from his tri-bar snap early on, which resulted in having to ride in the saddle all the way round holding one bar to the other in a mono bar set-up.
65th – Ed Rieu – 1.20.01
72nd – Gary Smith – 1.33.32 – Had late start and was also suffering from running 16 miles the previous day as part of his marathon training.
73rd – Bob Loader – 1.36.10 – First outing on new TT bike.
The overall winner was Chris McMamara – Pedal Heaven in a time of 1.00.16.

Happy New Year Everyone

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year. Wishing everyone safe and fast rides for 2015.

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The first club event of the year will be the Reliability on the 25th. Hopefully we will be blessed with good weather and a good turnout. Help is needed as always so please contact Pete to get yourself involved.