Brands Team TT Video

Richard Hill had a camera attached to his bike for the 4 Up around Brands Hatch. He has put it up on YouTube HERE for anyone who would like to take a look.

Epsom CC 25 Sun 25th Sept G25/54 (revised course)

This was the nominated event for the club’s 2up trophy but sadly only one team entered being Robert Royston and Dave Twin. Driving down the chaps discovered that half the dual carriageway near Faygate was coned to allow for traffic to go in and out of a tough mudder event. This would make racing very dangerous and there were worries that it might get cancelled. On arrival at the HQ it was discovered that the course had been revised to do 3 circuits of a shortened version of the course meaning the distance reduced to about 22.5 miles. There had been rain earlier but conditions were improving as the team started the event. Unfortunately due to the damp roads Robert got a puncture just over halfway round the first lap. Thankfully spares were on hand and the duo were able to continue. They eventually finished in 1.01.23 (8th) last of the teams that actually started, but at least they won the club trophy! The winners were James Stuart and Chris Holmes of Norwood Paragon in 46.35.

There was also a solo event following the 2up in which 2nd claim member Mark Newton finished in 48.49 (7th) and a rare sighting of Nick Gritton finishing in 58.31 (50th) on a road bike. This event was won by James Boyman of Farnham RC in 44.11.

Grain TT Cancelled

Unfortunately today’s TT on the Grain course has been cancelled.

De Laune 25 07/08 on Q25/20 (Harrietsham) course

Fine drizzle is what lone club representative Dave Twin faced when he went off for his warm up along the course. Thankfully when he started the conditions were improving on the dampness front, but the breezy cross winds and muggy feel did not help the ride, especially having not been back from holiday. Dave eventually finished with a 1.05.39 (26th). The winner was Dan Tolhurst, PMR@Toachim House in 54.02

VTTA (Kent) 50 on Q50/11 course 17/07/2016

Very warm, muggy, but cloudy conditions is what the riders were greeted with when they started this two lap of Romney Marsh event. Bob loader was the first of the three Sydenham entrants to start off number 13 on the day. Dave Twin was off number 27 and Richard Birthwhistle number 45. Dave had already passed Bob before he then got held up at one of the level crossings and was then joined by Richard shortly afterwards. Both obviously should have had a faster time if they hadn’t suffered this delay. The times were Bob 2.50.02, Dave 2.08.58 and Richard 2.01.44. Richard therefore wins the Singer Trophy again. The overall winner was again Chris Fennell of Thanet Road Club in another course record of 1.44.00

VTTA (Kent) 25 on Q25/8 course 19/06/2016

Steve Thurgood and David Twin once again headed off to ride the Molash course to try and improve on previous attempts this year. Thanks to warmer and less windy conditions both came out with positive results. Steve finishing with 1.02.29 (25th on scratch and on vet standard) and Dave with a 1.02.41 (26th on scratch and 18th on vet standard). As per previous Kent events the winner was Chris Fennel of Thanet Road Club in a course record of 50.21.

KCA 50 on the Q50/11 course 05/06/2016

There was fog as Steve Thurgood and Dave Twin headed down to their crazy early starts for this nominated event for the Novis Cup. Thankfully for the riders the conditions down on Romney Marsh were still and sunny. The other club rider down to start was Robert Royston but he was a DNS. Steve was first man off at 6.01 and Dave was fourth at 6.04. The first lap was not to bad but both found the second lap hard work due to the increasing wind which made the final section straight into it very hard. Steve finished with 2.12.42 (28th) and Dave with 2.10.55 (27th) to take the silverware. 2nd claim member Ben Wimpory did a 1.53.06 (5th) and the winner was Christopher Fennel of Thanet Road Club who set a course record of 1.45.36.

Bigfoot CC 25 on Q25/8 (Molash) Sun 29th May

Despite it being a bright morning when leaving home what greeted the riders at the HQ was like sea mist with strong winds. These winds made the Chilham fork to Ashford section very fast, but the return leg very hard. Dave Twin, the sole first claim representative found it hard going at this point finishing with a disappointing 1.04.35 (69th). Others found the conditions easier including second claim member Mark Newton who finished in 56.54 (13th) and the overall winner Christopher Fennell, Thanet R.C. with 51.16.

Wigmore CC Bill Philbrook Memorial 25 -1/05 Q25/8

Once again the temperature gauge was reading 1 degree on the car as we approached the hall for this event that as per usual had a massive prize list. Unfortunately none of which ended up in the pockets of the 3 Sydenham riders taking part. Yet again Dave Twin was one of the first off and noticed the cold conditions on the decent and to the first turn, eventually finishing in 1.04.52 (61st). Steve Thurgood hit the course next and finished in 1.02.57 (52nd). Last club rider off was Ian O’Hara riding his first time trial in a number of years, finished in 1.02.31 (49th). The course has masses of potholes, but even this didn’t seem to slow down race winner Jonathan Parker, Team Botrill who finished in a new course record of 50.48. The woman’s course record also fell to Bronwen Ewing, Rye and District Wheelers in 59.39 (29th).

ESCA 25 – Sunday 24th April 2016 – G25/89

Steve Thurgood requested an early start and as David Twin asked to be near Steve on the start sheet as they were travelling together, it resulted in Dave getting an earlier start than Steve. As this was another cold day it was just what was needed! The outward section of the event wasn’t too bad but once you turned you felt the headwind. Dave felt the effects of the cold in the last 5 miles finishing in 1.04.55 (58th). Steve survived better in 1.03.38 (47th). 2nd claim member Doug Bentall finished in 1.06.26 (66th). The overall winner was Conall Yates, In-Gear Quickvit in 53.51. Hopefully weather conditions will improve shortly!

Farnborough & Camberley CC 25 16th Apr H25/8

After the mild weather during the week it was a bit of a shock on Saturday afternoon to be greeted by much colder conditions including a hail down pour as Steve Thurgood and Dave Twin got their bikes out of the car. The conditions generally meant a warm up was needed, but probably a longer one than what actually took place. The breeze was also a bit more than expected. As per usual though this didn’t seem to affect a lot of the field with some very fast times being turned out. This included Jon Coulson who did a PB of 56.24 (34th). Steve did a 1.01.07 (68th) and Dave a 1.01.53 (77th). The winner was J.Dewey, Team Bottril in 49.05. for full result.

Crawley Wh 41.59 Sporting – 25/03/2016 (GS/196)

After a year of absence due to fog and road works problems this great sporting event actually took place without any problems this year. As per recent weeks the prevailing wind meant that the wind was basically with you on the way out and made things a little tougher on the way back, especially on the last few miles climbing to the finish. Thankfully though it wasn’t that cold. Unfortunately the turnout from the climb wasn’t as good as in previous years with Steve Thurgood and Dave Twin being the only Sydenham representation. Steve did a 1.56.08 (35th) and Dave 1.55.32 (33rd). 2nd claim member Mark Newton didn’t finish due to a puncture. The overall winner was Pete Morris – Team ASL360 in 1.36.32

East Surrey Hardriders

The shortened course from the previous couple of years remained due to the un-repaired bridge, for this the 52ndt year edition of this local classic. There were 4 first claim and 1 second claim members down on the start sheet, unfortunately on the day Jon Coulson sent his apologies due to illness. The early foggy conditions didn’t completely lift throughout the event making it feel rather chilly. There was also the delights of a headwind on the return leg through the lanes to the finish. The initial results according to the time trials forum are a follows:
2nd claim member Mark Newton – 1.06.36 (22nd).
Richard Birtwhistle – 1.09.19 (35th)
Fergus Clinch – 1.13.03 (49th) – Good result for first attempt at event.
David Twin – 1.27.09. Think this may be an error as the time on the result board was 1.14.09 which would have been 56th!

Club Open 25 – Help Required!

Our open event on the Q25/20 Harrietsham course has been confirmed for 10th April – the week after the April Fool 10. Help is, as always, required so please try to keep some time in your diaries free!

Sydenham Reliability Trial – 24/01/2016

Firstly, we would like to thank all the volunteers who made the event run so smoothly. The cake baking was at a premium! Secondly, many thanks to all those that rode the 2016 Sydenham Wheelers Reliability Trial. Your support is really appreciated.
A warm(for this time of year) but damp overcast day greeted the 65 riders that took part. Some very positive comments and feedback that we will take into account for next year’s ride.

Hope you all have a successful and safe season and we will see you again next year!