Southborough & District Wh 25 Sun 17th June G25/89

After severe winds on the Saturday, things had calmed down quite a bit by Sunday morning, although it was still a little blustery. The general consensus was the wind should be against you on the way out and with you coming back. It however did not work out like that. The Sydenham had three representatives on this rolling course that could well do with some road repairs in places. Dave Twin was first club member off and got about three miles in to be met by a nice rain shower. Thankfully after that things brightened up a bit and he recorded a time of 1.02.04 (30th). Bob Loader was off next riding a recently acquired carbon frame and finished in 1.17.43 (57th). He was however caught by Graham Ward just before the line for 10 minutes riding a road bike with clip on tri-bars. Graham finished in 1.07.38 (50th). The overall winner was Elliot Porter, Team Corridori-Specialized who finished in 53.39.