Horsham Cycling 10 – G10/57 23rd June

Graham Ward and father/son paring of Howard and Ben Wimpory headed to Horsham to the G10/57 course, a fast(ish) and flattish course with 11 roundabouts in 10 miles! For once there was no rain but a strong headwind on the way back slowed times from the turn. Graham Ward was the first Sydenham starter and recorded an impressive 24.47 despite a coughing fit. Next up was Howard Wimpory in his first open time trial with a 25.16. Ben Wimpory was seeded third on the day but didnt live up to the optimistic fielding finishing in 22.02 with a chain jam. The day was a day for the real power men to battle into the headwind and an incredible time was posted of 19.10 which was later to be disqualified as he has turned short on one of the many roundabouts. The winner was Pete Tadros in a time of 20.07.