Reading CC 50 Sun 10th June on H50/8

There were three Sydenham riders down to start in the field of 66, Bob Loader however was a non starter. This was a bit of a trend as there were 19 in total, which was probably as a result of the weather forecast. On the day however this wasn’t as bad as originally expected. The wind was from the East, which was totally opposite to the Charlotteville event a few weeks earlier and there was only a small amount of light drizzle around. Kevin Beament was the first of the remaining club riders to start riding his first 50. Unfortunately though he got to the start late and incurred a 6 minute late start. He eventually finished with a 2.24.16 (39th). Dave Twin finished in 2.05.15 (19th). The overall winner was Gavin Atkins, Hemel Hempsted CC in 1.49.20.