Crawley Wheelers 41.59 Sun 3rd June GS/196

A very miserable day, but all but one of the Sydenham riders turned up to ride this great course and the only reason Steve Thurgood wasn’t there was due to illness. Rob Royston was the first to start from the club, getting round in 1.49.15. Richard Hallett followed and finished in 1.48.01. Next came Pete Mahoney who did the fastest club time of 1.46.49. David Twin did a 1.49.04. Kevin Beament didn’t finish due to not being happy with the position on his new TT bike in the damp conditions. Ben Wimpory was riding in his Loughborough colours and had a time of 1.59.27 posted on the result board. This was generally believed to be 10 minutes out, which would make all the times pretty close. The overall winner was Wouter Sybrandt of Sigma Sport in 1.32.21.