SCCU 50 Sunday 23/06/2013 on G50/10

When will this wind disappear? Another race met with strong winds, this time coming from the South was what faced the field. Due to the on-going new development on the Horsham course the event was moved to this course further south. A rather sporting course with the wind thrown in for good measure resulted in slower times. First Sydenham rider of was Richard Birtwhistle who unfortunately did not finish. Dave Twin was second off followed just two minutes later by Pete Mahoney riding his first 50. It only took Pete about 15 miles to haul David in. There then followed a bit of a yo-yoing as the Pete went away Dave closed the gap etc till the last few miles when Pete finally disappeared out of Dave’s sight. Dave finished with a 2.10.28 and Pete with 2.06.47. At the time of leaving Steve Dennis, East Grinstead CC looked like he had picked up another win in 1.51.42.