The lead out train rules again!

Report by Paul Butler, Road Race Secretary – Hillingdon Tuesday night crits 19th July 2011

Paul Butler achieved his best place ever on the raod last Tuesday with a fabulous 2nd place in the 3rd and 4ths race at Hillingdon thanks to a monster lead out from Rob Thatcher. Both riders were active during the race, getting in several breaks (they were both in the same break of 3 riders at one point) but inevitably it came down to a sprint. With 500m to go Rob and Paul jumped the field and only 2 other riders stayed with them. With 250m to go Rob’s work was done and Paul was left with clear tarmac to the line. The only floor in their plan was that one Dulwich rider (they get everywhere don’t they) overheard Paul and Rob discussing tactics and was glued to Paul’s wheel, jumping him with 175m to go. Still, a huge effort from Rob and a mighty fine 2nd place, proving the lead out train works in either order! Paul and Rob will be learning Japanese in order to discuss tactics in secret before their next race (as long as it’s not a Keirin).