Kent Cycles 2 Up 25 – 20th March Q25/20

Driving to the event headquarters the car was registering -4 degrees. The good news was there was no wind and the Sun was trying to breakthrough the cloud. This was the event nominated for the club’s 2-up trophy and two teams were down to start. Andy Fruin and Paul Delicata were off first with Dave Twin and Rob Royston following 6 minutes later. The only problem being that riding to the start Dave’s bike made a large bang and then his seat post started to slide down. On investigation it was found that the seat post clamp had snapped. As a result Rob Royston had to ride on his own, still managing a 1.03.15 and catching Andy and Paul in the process. Andy and Paul finished with a 1.10.45 and as the only pairing left picked up the 2-up trophy. Second claim member Matt Miles riding for In-Gear Quickvit also had to ride alone after his partners forks snapped at the start. Matt finished with a 57.12, only just being beaten by the winning duo of Carl Chapman and Steve Castle, GS Invicta in 57.11.