Catford & Bec Hill Climbs on 12th Oct

Three Sydenham members ventured out on Sunday morning to scale the heights of Yorks Hill for the 113th Catford Hill Climb. Mark Newton was first off recording 2.43.1, James Walker followed in a time of 2.49.9 and last of the three Andy Ross recorded a very respectable 2.28.4. The event was won by Jody Crawford 1.54.0. Having clearly enjoyed the morning immensely our guys could be heard spreading the word of what a wonderful variant of our sport hill climbing has become…..

“I am never going to ride that hill again – going down the hill to the start staying on the bike was hard enough !” – Mark Newton

BEC Hill Climb
Only Mark Newton was foolish enough to attempt a second hill climb in one day the BEC event on White Lane, he managed 2.28.03. Event was won by Daniel Lloyd 1.46.44