Surrey League – Martins 3 Day Stage Race (28th-30t

Ian O’Hara took part in this 3 day event for 2/3 Cat riders managing a 3rd place on the first stage and 6th overall on GC.
The first stage saw a neutralised ride through Reigate town centre and then Deepdeene and onto the Henfold Hill and Norwood Hill circuits where there were a number of sprint bonuses. Ian broke away with two laps to go but was caught after about five miles by Guy Powdrill (London Dynamo) and Rob Fallon (Fit For). Ian then broke away on the last lap with and James Beaumont (Kingston Wheelers) and was soon joined by Guy Powdrill. Unable to hold Guy’s wheel on the last climb Ian was dropped but with a 90 second lead managed to stay away over the last 5 miles and finished 7 seconds ahead of a fast finishing bunch. The stage was won by James after Guy unfortunately punctured in the last few hundred meters.
Ian worked hard with the Fit For team in second and third stages to sustain the GC and chase down several breaks. During the third stage Ian and Rob Fallon punctured but managed to work together after service during an epic ten mile pursuit of the bunch!