KCA 50 on the Q50/11 course 05/06/2016

There was fog as Steve Thurgood and Dave Twin headed down to their crazy early starts for this nominated event for the Novis Cup. Thankfully for the riders the conditions down on Romney Marsh were still and sunny. The other club rider down to start was Robert Royston but he was a DNS. Steve was first man off at 6.01 and Dave was fourth at 6.04. The first lap was not to bad but both found the second lap hard work due to the increasing wind which made the final section straight into it very hard. Steve finished with 2.12.42 (28th) and Dave with 2.10.55 (27th) to take the silverware. 2nd claim member Ben Wimpory did a 1.53.06 (5th) and the winner was Christopher Fennel of Thanet Road Club who set a course record of 1.45.36.