East Surrey Hardriders

The shortened course from the previous couple of years remained due to the un-repaired bridge, for this the 52ndt year edition of this local classic. There were 4 first claim and 1 second claim members down on the start sheet, unfortunately on the day Jon Coulson sent his apologies due to illness. The early foggy conditions didn’t completely lift throughout the event making it feel rather chilly. There was also the delights of a headwind on the return leg through the lanes to the finish. The initial results according to the time trials forum are a follows:
2nd claim member Mark Newton – 1.06.36 (22nd).
Richard Birtwhistle – 1.09.19 (35th)
Fergus Clinch – 1.13.03 (49th) – Good result for first attempt at event.
David Twin – 1.27.09. Think this may be an error as the time on the result board was 1.14.09 which would have been 56th!