KCA 50 held on the Q50/11 course 07/06/2015

Due to the main A2070 road onto the Marsh being closed some riders were in a bit of a rush to make the their start times. It was as usual a blustery experience for all that started with Pete Mahoney being one that didn’t. Before the start 2nd claim member Ben Wimpory was asking advice on how he should ride his first 50. It wasn’t really necessary as he finished in 1.54.50 (3rd). Others taking place had mixed results. Richard Birtwhistle did a 2.03.29 (17th) and was disappointed. Dave Twin was very disappointed with his 2.15.17 (29th) and was beaten by one position by 2nd claim member Doug Bentall in 2.15.07 (28th). Finally Paul Delicata was pleased with his PB of 2.18.29 (34th). The winner was Jonathan Parker PMR@Toachim House who set a new course record of 1.47.13.