East Surrey Hardriders 27.25 08/03 on GS491E

The shortened course from last year remained for the 51st year edition of this local classic. An incredible 9 first claim and 2 second claim members were down on the start sheet, unfortunately on the day Paul Delicata and Peter Harber had to send their apologies due to illness. Bright weather with much lighter winds than the previous day is what greeted all those that did start. As the event went on the temperature also began to rise. The placing were as follows:
15th – Mark Newton (2nd claim) – 1.06.27
20th – Peter Mahoney – 1.07.19 – New TT bike paying dividends as we have all been telling him for a few years!
36th – Richard Birtwhistle – 1.10.56 – Believe he had a late start.
45th – Richard Hill – 1.12.29
46th – David Twin – 1.13.00
53rd – Robert Royston – 1.16.02 – Had a cap from his tri-bar snap early on, which resulted in having to ride in the saddle all the way round holding one bar to the other in a mono bar set-up.
65th – Ed Rieu – 1.20.01
72nd – Gary Smith – 1.33.32 – Had late start and was also suffering from running 16 miles the previous day as part of his marathon training.
73rd – Bob Loader – 1.36.10 – First outing on new TT bike.
The overall winner was Chris McMamara – Pedal Heaven in a time of 1.00.16.