Bec & Catford Hill Climbs

Report by Robert Robbins

So just another ordinary hill climb day. A lot of support on Yorks, surprising given the miserable weather that morning, and some pretty good times in the slippy conditions. The crowd really does make a difference to finishing, especially when you realise there’s limited traction, you’re out of gears and there’s no-where else to go. Derek did a very creditable 2:46 finishing 11th of the 26 vets and I managed 2:31 – just 1.7 seconds the wrong side of 2:30. Later the same day I managed a 2:25 on Whites which was like an ice-rink in places. So I’d bagged another couple of PBs and had laid to rest the “form blip” there last year.

Still haven’t worked out why we all do it every year though. Hoping to see you all at our club event on the 30th!

Catford Hill Climb
Robert Robbins 02:25.5 42nd (7th Vet)
Derek Taylor 02:46.3 61st (11th Vet)
Winner – Robert Gough (Adeo Cadence) 01:54.5

Bec Hill Climb
Robert Robbins 02:25.5 46th (8th Vet)
Winner – Germaine Burton (Team De Vers) 1:45.1

Check out this You Tube of Rob in action on Yorks Hill.