Pete’s Racing Round Up

On 7th of June surrounded by Dulwich, Bigfoots, Dynamo’s etc, Pete Mahoney was again the sole representative for Sydenham Wheelers at the Crystal Palace summer series. This does not get much nearer home turf. Big bunches are now common with riders getting turned away once the numbers hit 100, which is probably not a bad rule for this circuit, so remember to get there early.

The races are now 32 laps for the big boys(E,1,2) with the 3 & 4 cats contesting over 28 laps (as the light has got better the races have got longer). The weather again was just right for a great evening of racing.

Mahoney’s start was not best but after 10 laps, he was near the front. A couple of breaks early on came to nothing but this set the pace for the whole race keeping the tempo high. Mahoney joined in with trying to get away with one big dig and a later dig that nearly sent him out the back after such an effort. All to no avail.

With the laps flying past Mahoney found himself in the wrong end of the field (again!) at the bell. The last lap is one long sprint. In a desperate attempt to rectify his poor position, Mahoney threw caution to the wind and made up places on the corners, hitting the up hill drag in a bunch that was already disintegrating. Trying to keep the distance to the leaders in reasonable check. All this effort for 11th place. Out of the points but his best placing of the 3 races ridden at Palace this season.

On the 4th of June, Mahoney was in action on the Fowlmead circuit near Deal. Being near the coast it’s open to the elements and this set for a hard day. A headwind greeted riders up the start and finish straight, which proved to be quite telling with the amount of failed breaks but finally three riders pulled away. It proved too difficult for one of the break riders who dropped back. No amount of shouting for riders to work together could form any real attempted to pull the break back and so the two out front sprinted for the win. After 60 mins plus 5 laps the sprint for 3rd proved too much for Mahoney who went backwards as the line came closer, finishing at the back of the bunch.