Southborough & District Wh 25 G25/89, 11th July

A mixed bag all the way round for club members on this sporting course. This was another warm morning with the wind mainly behind you on the way out. Steve Thurgood was the first of the trio to finish in a PB time of 1.01.01. Neil Stanley was the second rider home, but unfortunately due to a lack of marshal on the last roundabout managed to go straight on to the following roundabout. He then had to retrace and turn to the finish and recorded a time of 1.01.32. when he looked like he would be under the hour again. Dave Twin was neck to neck with Neil had the far turn but at 20 miles the gears started slipping then totally locked up. Thanks to a kind soul called Richard heading off to his club run Dave got a push all the way back to the hall. The winner of the event was Steve Dennis East Grinstead CC in 52.07.