Good Weekend For PB’s

Report from Neil Stanley

Saturday started bright and early with a 10 on G57/10, all went very well the weather was near perfect and the traffic was very light which was handy for the roundabouts. I came home 11th in a time of 22:21 and a new pb for a 10, with the event being won by keith coffey of bec cc in 20:55. Mark Newton was also riding and came 2nd in 21:08, a PB for him and his highest place finish in an open event.

Sunday was again another near perfect apart from starting at 06:42…not fun although it was worse for Bob Loader as he was off at 06:09 Bob went round in 2:33:45. I went round in my fastest ever time for a 50 and my first time under 2hours in 1:59:34, just managed to cross the line before bob and the first thing he did when we got back to the hq was congratulate me and shake my hand for breaking the 2 hours.

So that was pretty much the perfect end to the weekend, the less said about the football team the better!!!