KCA 50 held Sunday 6th 2010 on Q50/11 course

Romney Marsh experienced a major thunderstorm on the Saturday night before this event, so all riders had very wet roads and some major puddles to contend with as they did their two loops. The wind on the day wasn’t as bad as it can be which assisted Kevin Tye of Data team Allstars set a winning time and new course record or 1.46.42. Four of the five Sydenham riders down to ride started. Both Steve Thurgood and Paul Delicata were riding their first 50 milers. Dave Twin suffered a rear tub puncture while waiting to start and had to race back to the hall borrow a wheel race back and incur a late start of 8.45 minutes. The wheel he borrowed had been used on a turbo so made the many bend rather interesting and then had to wait at level crossing for the train to go through on the second lap. The final times were Steve Thurgood 2.06.23 (12th), Dave Twin 2.16.32 (30th with 8.45 late start), Paul Delicata 2.21.35 (40th) and Bob Loader 2.37.15 (37th).