Catford 10 – Sat 24th Apr Q10/19

A rather chilly morning, with blue skies and not much wind was what welcomed the riders of this event. 7 first claim members and 4 second claim were down to ride. Unfortunately there were a couple of non-starters. There was some confusion at the end of the event as the last twenty or so riders all had times a minute quicker than expected. This now appears to have been resolved. The first claim members times in order of starting were; Steve Thurgood 24.09 (67th), Matt Preston 25.10 (76th), Neil Stanley DNS, Rob Royston 23.36 (55th), Bob Loader 29.36 (89th), Dave Twin 22.30 (35th) and Ed Rieu 23.24 (53rd). The second claim members times in order of starting were; Simon Stromberg 26.16 (85th), Mark Newton 22.06 (26th), Matt Miles DNS (stuck in Spain) and Andy Beswetherick 23.17 (50th). The overall winner was Pete Tadros In Gear Quickvit RT in 19.23.