SERRL 80Km 3/4 Biddenden Sun 28/03

The first SERRL road event of the year was contested by a full field of 60 with Matt & Dan Lucas providing the Sydenham representation. The weather was dry, there was little wind on the day and with Biddenden being a flattish (read fast) course there was always the possibility of the race staying together for a bunch gallop. True to form this was the way it panned out, the few attempts to get way including one by Matt accompanied by Richard Friend (Gemini BC) came to nothing with the majority of riders seemingly content to keep things together. The final lap was a treacherous affair with at least 3 crashes and kerb to kerb chaos from 1.5km to go. A London Phoenix rider did clip off the front with about half a lap to go and its not clear whether he was hauled back, however with the winner being Chris Dick (London Phoenix) is possible he wasn’t. Matt and Dan finished ‘safely’ in the bunch around the mid teens.