Catford Open 10 on Q10/19 (25th April 2009)

It looked like it was going to be a nice morning if a little breezy on the way down to the event, but by the time you reached the start line it had clouded up and the breeze had got even stronger there was then rain for the later riders in the field. Ed Rieu was first of the three Sydenham riders, finishing with a 23.39 (53rd), Dave Twin was second off on a 5. After being caught by both his one minute and two minute men Dave sat up and coasted to the finish in 24.22 (67th) wondering why he had bothered. Mark Newton was the last man off and yet again put in a very good ride of 21.46 (12th). The winner was second claim member Matt Miles, Wildside 707 RT in 20.22.