Herne Hill Evening Cyclo Cross – Race 2

Riding this event for the second week in a row Matt was hopeful of an improvement on the previous week. However things didn’t quite go to plan. The course was run in the reverse direction eliminating any advantage of having ridden the week before. Despite a better start this week, which placed Matt about 8th at the end of the first lap things went rapidly down hill. Seemingly unable to get to grips with the technical section Matt started to take some risks in order to maintain his position, there were a few close shaves however the fatal error was attempting to bunny hop the board obstacle. His next recollection was being untangled from his machine by a kindly spectator and hearing the words “You alright mate? You going to carry on?”. Deciding that the only thing more embarrassing than the crash would be to abandon in a huff, he resumed the race, slightly battered and bruised, to come in a surprising 13th overall.