Tracking Down Luke Evans

Luke has been mixing it up a bit this year combining off road ruff stuff with super smooth track racing. He and Andy Kay rode an MTB race at Fowlmead in June with Luke finishing in the 20’s and Andy coming in 4th (we think). Luke has also ridden the Southdowns way over the summer. Those roadie purists out there who may not be familiar with this 100+ mile MTB epic it’s basically Eastbourne to Winchester off road and up and down every climb the North Downs have to offer. Towards the end of the season Luke has been doing some evening events on the track at Preston Park, Brighton. Riding primarily in the Senior A and Senior B groups. His track season ended in style on Wed 13th Aug in the Senior A and B 8 lap scratch race. Apparently he caught the field napping with a lap and a half to go and solo’d to victory!