ECCA 100 on Sun 6th July on E2/100

With a massive low pressure over the country and forecasts of high wind and possible heavy rain, four mad members of the club still ventured up to Ugley in Essex for the start of this event. With early start times and heavy cloud it was still only semi light when the members set off. Dave Twin was off at 5.09am and was greeted to light rain and a very damp road surface, thankfully a few miles up the road conditions became dry. Once he had passed the slower riders off in front of him he had a very lonely ride, but was keeping a gauge on Ed Rieu at each turn who was gaining fast until near the end when the wheels came off. The wind got up during the morning a took it’s toll on the final section back to the finish with everyone commenting on how hard it was. The final result was Dave Twin 4.34.50, Ed Rieu 4.33.55, Rob Royston 4.31.40 and Bob Loader 5.23.07. The overall winner was Ken Platts, Cambridge CC in 3.44.34.