Finsbury Park LVRC RR 1st June

On a rather damp and muggy morning Dave Twin traveled up to Blackmore in Essex to venture back into the world of road racing. The joy of not having to get up at a ridiculous hour was soon put into context as the 70 strong pack swept through sweeping bends covered in surface water at 25mph+. Thankfully as the 7 and half laps passed the conditions began to improve. Andy Meilak went away on the first lap and was not seen for the next 3, helped by the pack not really wanting to work together to close the gap, however he eventually ran out of steam and was caught. There was a lot of attacking, but due to the relatively flat circuit nobody was able to get off the front for long. However eventually 4 riders did manage it with just over a lap to go and stayed away. Dave finished in the first half of the bunch sprint.