April 26th & 27th Round Up

On a weekend when the whether was pretty non-descript, not windy, not wet but not great either there was a fair amount of activity on the racing front and some good performances.

Catford 10 Q10/22 – 26/04/2008
Three riders rode this event, Matt Miles recorded 00:21:12 (2nd), Mark Newton 00:22:36 (15th), Nick Varley 00:23:01 (22nd). The event winner was Phill Bull of VC Elan in 00:21:09. The sydenham trio won the team prize.

Addiscombe 25 G25/53 – 27/04/2008
The club also had three entrants for this event which was won by Paul Mill in an time of 00:53:37. Fastest of the Sydenham guys was Mark Newton in 00:57:09 (15th) then came Ed Rieu in 01:01:31 (46th) and then Bob Loader, probably still recovering from those hedonistic birthday celebrations in the Bricklayers Arms on the previous Thursday, “carbo loading” he claims, came in 01:15:49 (108th).