East Surrey Hardriders 29.9 – 09.03.2008

After heavy rain and strong winds on the previous day the riders at start were met by sunshine and rather damp roads. The club was well represented with 6 riders and they paid off when it came to the results. Mark Newton did another storming ride to record 1.10.16 (4th), Nick Varley 1.14.48 (15th), Richard Hallett 1.16.18 (20th) Dave Twin 1.17.59 (34th), Ed Rieu 1.21.58 (46th) and Bob Loader 1.37.20 (75th). In the process the club won both the scratch (Mark, Nick and Richard) with an aggregate time of 3.41.22 and the age standard (Mark, Richard and Bob) with a total plus of 21.21. The overall event was won by Matt Bottrill, De Rosa RT in 1.07.25 setting a new course record in the process.

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