SERRL Chilham 22nd June

Matt Miles returning to the club joined Jamie Walker and Ed Rieu to start the SERRL event on the Chilham circuit with 87 other riders including Sydenham second claim and club treasurer Ian O’Hara for a full field of 90 on a warm Sunday morning (22 April 2007). Ian was straight off the front with a few other riders and stayed away the whole day of this 90K race taking in 4 12.5 mile laps that include a drag up the hill at Mowlash with a finish up the brutal White Hill. Ed fell out the back of the last group after about three laps but Jamie and Matt stayed with the main pack through to the finish up White Hill. Matt started a long chase to the front group to close an approximate 40 second deficit. At the finish, Ian took third behind Gareth McCullough (Medway Velo) and Mark Powell (GS Invicta). Matt nearly closed the gap and finished fourth after nearly closing the gap. Jamie finished in a splintered group and Ed finally made it to the finish after riding a lonely last lap of the race. A warm welcome back to Matt and well done on a great ride to him and the other Sydenham riders.