East Surrey Hardriders 30 Sun 11/03

Glorious weather greated the riders for the 43rd running of the East Surrey Hardriders, even if it was a little windy . As a result there were some improvements on times within the club members compared to the previous couple of years. First rider off was Bob Loader who suffered a number of problems including a puncture and having to go back and retrieve his cycle computer. He eventually finished with 1.51.18. Ed Rieu recorded 1.22.35 (34th)but was beaten by Jamie Walker with 1.22.10 (32nd) on his road bike.
Dave Twin finished 19th with 1.17.34 and Richard Hallett came 13th with 1.15.38. Ian O’Hara was a non starter. The Overall winner was Pete Tadros In-Gear Quickvit RT in 1.07.51.