Return To The Road

Matthew Lucas and Andrew Flemming have both recently started their road racing season, Matt after returning from 3 months in Australasia and Andrew from a month in South America. Early signs are that the couple of months training they have put in have provided a good base to build on. Summary of results:-

14/07/02 Surrey League 3/4/W/V/J Cutmill 80k
Matt was again the only rider from the Sydenham to take part in this event. The course consisted of 7 1/2 laps of a rolling circuit. The main features being the long undulating climb to the top of the downs and the 40+mph decent down the other side. The race stayed pretty much together until the last lap when a Twickenham rider jumped clear for the win and Richard Friend clipped of the front at the bottom of the last climb to grab second. Matt finished in around 20th place in a very much depleted bunch.

06/07/02 Whitewebs Circuit Races 3/4/W/V/J Eastway 80k
Andrew and Matt both rode this event which was a pretty tight event. A strong wind on the open sections of the circuit tempered any efforts by riders to go clear of the main group. The race ended in a bunch sprint with both Sydenham riders present and finishing in the middle of the pack.

04/07/02 Surrey League Handicap All Cats
Matt and James Shrubsall both rode this event on the Nutfield circuit. Over enthusiasm and lack of observation dictated the outcome of Matts ride. Suffering a bit from doing a bit too much work in the early stages meant that he found himself just a few riders from the back of the main bunch as the group crested one of the small hills on the circuit. Taking a breather and not paying enough attention to what was going on, found himself following the wheel of a rider who had let a more than reasonable gap form between himself and the bunch. Matt attempted to close the gap on the bunch but could only maintain, but not close the gap, and was dropped half a lap later. James however faired much better finishing the event in the main group.

30/06/02 SERRL Brenchley 3/4/W/J
The first “proper road race” of the season for Matt Lucas and Andrew Flemming and eight times up Pixott Hill is more than a reasonable introduction to a season. The outcome of the race was dictated early on when a small group of riders broke clear in an attack instigated by eventual event winner Richard Friend (Gemini BC). The main bunch stayed together until the foot of the last climb of Pixott Hill to the finish. By this stage numbers had been reduced from the 47 starter to approx 25 by the end. Andrew and Matt finished 17th and 18th respectively.

27/06/02 Surrey League Handicap All Cats
The first event of the season for both Matt Lucas and Andrew Flemming and the pre-race nerves were not helped by the sight of Jon Ibbotson warming up, no doubt stretching his legs prior to the National Champs! Despite the fast pace, typical of most Surrey League Handicap Events, Matt and Andrew both managed to finish in the bunch, which was pretty much together at the end, with the exception of a few riders (inc a Mr Ibbotson) who had broke way on the last lap, with Matt even managing to grab 10th place in the up hill scrabble for the line.