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Club News - 2011

2012 Club Events - posted 24-11-2011
Next years events calendar has now been agreed and is available from the '2012' link at the top of the 'Events' page. The calendar is mostly complete with just some of the 'Club Trophy' events still to be decided.

You will note there are now 20 events in the Inter-Club competition with the two Hilly 21's having now been added as qualifying events.

SPOCO SE Medal Winner - posted 23-11-2011
Turns out we have a very modest medal winner amongst us! Whilst surfing around cycling related sites just happened to stumble upon the SPOCO South East results for 2011. Who should I find sitting pretty at 11th overall in the series and 3rd in the Handicap competition - none other than our own Robert Royston. His performances over the events which made up the series were enough for a GOLD medal in the Senior Vet category and a SILVER medal for his performaces in the Handicap competition. Impressive stuff and he managed to keep it very quiet - until now!

Full breakdown of riders and series placings available HERE on the SPOCO SE website.

Richard Grabs LVRC Win - posted 09-11-2011
Putting the low-pro to one side for a while Richard has ventured back into the world of bunched racing - or 'proper racing' as some of us like to call it! Judging but his opening account he should do more of it. There is full report HERE on his RoadCyclingUK.com Blog. However the edited highlights are 4th overall and the winner his age group.

Great stuff - what with 'Pauls Closed Circuit Boys' and now an LVRC presence maybe we are finally regaining some sort of foothold in the road scene.

SERRL Winter Series Race 2 - Gravesend - posted 08-11-2011
Report by Paul Butler - Road Race Secretary
So Sunday was race 2 and after the hell that was race 1 at least we knew what to expect (yes more hell). Kevin and Mike were ill / injured unfortunately and Rob and Derek were unavailable meaning the Sydenham Racing Team was down to 3 (still a good show compared to earlier this year) i.e. Me, Richard Birtwhistle and Jamie Walker.

60 of us 3rd and 4th Cats set off on the circuit the other way round this week and the wind had changed so we climbed with a tailwind and descended into a headwind. I still don't know which week was worse!

Here's my version:
"On a colder but less windy race than the first one the pack set off at a blistering pace and I was sitting in the top 5 to 10 gasping for air for the first 15 minutes unable to even get close to taking a drink it was so tough. Fears that I was about to blow up were passing through my head so I thought I'd flick my elbow, let a few riders through and try to recover and get a bit more shelter. As I eased up nobody came through as there was nobody behind me; we had ridden off the front - no wonder it was so hard! I watched my dozen breakaway companions disappear up the road as I regouped, waiting for the peloton. Expecting 50 remaining riders to pick me up I was again suprised to be swept up by only 10 - god we really had destroyed the peloton and there was still over an hour to go. So I was now in the second group of 10 or so on the road and we worked fairly well together with most people doing their turns on the front. We actually caught most of the front group, leaving 6 away up front and everyone else somewhere behind us. It wasn't long before we started lapping riders (which got very confusing as some of them stayed with us). Everywhere we went we saw a trail of disaster buty I couldn't help enjoying the fact that I was causing some of it!

Every so often I caught a glimpse of the "main field" across the circuit and Richard and Jamie. Richard seemed strong but then to add to his collection of crashes he got a PUNCTURE - is there no end to this man's bad luck?! Jamie finished in the bunch so it was worth him getting out his turbo trainer last week after all!

So back to our group. At the bell there were still 6 up the road and we had about 20 in our bunch and I had been hanging on for dear life having lugged 95kg up that hill 14 times already and I knew that this is where the placings would be decided. I picked a wheel on the climb and stuck to it regardless of the outcome and just at the brow I jumped across to the 10 or so who had opened a gap. Down a short drop and just a sharp left hairpin before the quick rise to the finish. I took two more guys in the sprint here for 8th in my group and 14th overall, bettering my 21st place of last time."

Here's Richard's version:
"I'm upright, I'm upright, I'm still in, I'm still in, BANG!"

Full result here LondonCycleSport.com.
Pics here LondonCycleSport.com.

SERRL Winter Series - Race 1 23rd Oct - posted 02-11-2011
Report by Road Race Secretary Paul Butler
So the Sydenham road racing team kicked off it's new campaign at the new Gravesend Cyclopark on Sunday with a 3rds/4ths race of 90 minutes around the 2.7km course. 7 riders represented our club. I'm gonna say that again SEVEN riders, well done lads ;-) Oh and we had supporters like you have never seen, families, clubmates, thanks all of you for coming too it really was a great day.

So, to the race; with enough climbing to scar me for life and a horrendous wind, at least the temperatures were on our side as 60 riders set off on a sunny Sunday criterium.

Unlike most 3rd and 4ths cat races that I'm used to (ending in a bunch sprint) this race really was about survival, the peloton splintering throughout the race. Any tactics learnt the week before shall for now be reserved for elsewhere!!

Mike Hanson and I managed to finish in the front group with Mike looking particularly strong - a great new asset to our club. Credit to the rest of our guys; Rob Thatcher, Kevin Beamont and Derek Taylor finishing the full distance (considering Rob's power meter was showing 300 watts going into the wind during the WARM UP you can see it was a tough day out....!). Jamie Walker put in a galliant ride too and last but not least what happened to our main man for the this course, Richard Van De Birthwhsitle? Richard unfortunately had a little crash but courageously got back on and finished. One minute I was riding next to him and the next minute.......very unlike Richard ;-)

What a pleasure it is to see so many riders at a race and you should all be very proud of yourselves - that was one of the hardest races that I have done in 2011 but you all got stuck in. If we keep this up we'll be a force to be reckoned with next year.

If you fancy it, the next one is Sunday 6th November. We'll all have forgotten how hard it was by then!

Full result available HERE on LondonCycleSport.com.

Club Hill Climb and Freewheel Comp - posted 31-10-2011
Yesterday saw the annual club Hill Climb and Freewheel competitions tke place on Ide Hill. The damp weather appeared to put a number of people off, however a tail wind on the downhill saw some impressive distances in the freewheel competition. The freewheel results were as follow:
1) Rob Royston
2) Dave Twin
3) Derek Taylor
4) Nick Gritton
5) Jamie Walker

The more serious battle for the ascent was won by Pete Mahoney in 06:22. Full result available HERE!

Bec & Catford Hill Climbs - posted 10-10-2011
Report by Robert Robbins

So just another ordinary hill climb day. A lot of support on Yorks, surprising given the miserable weather that morning, and some pretty good times in the slippy conditions. The crowd really does make a difference to finishing, especially when you realise there's limited traction, you're out of gears and there's no-where else to go. Derek did a very creditable 2:46 finishing 11th of the 26 vets and I managed 2:31 - just 1.7 seconds the wrong side of 2:30. Later the same day I managed a 2:25 on Whites which was like an ice-rink in places. So I'd bagged another couple of PBs and had laid to rest the "form blip" there last year.

Still haven't worked out why we all do it every year though. Hoping to see you all at our club event on the 30th!

Catford Hill Climb
Robert Robbins 02:25.5 42nd (7th Vet)
Derek Taylor 02:46.3 61st (11th Vet)
Winner - Robert Gough (Adeo Cadence) 01:54.5

Bec Hill Climb
Robert Robbins 02:25.5 46th (8th Vet)
Winner - Germaine Burton (Team De Vers) 1:45.1

Check out this You Tube of Rob in action on Yorks Hill.

Clubs Runs - posted 10-10-2011
Now that almost everyone (including the Hill Climbers) has wound up their season this coming Sunday (16th October) should see the first of the regular winter club runs. A number of members have already expressed an intention to be at the usual place at the usual time (bottom of Polhill at 9:30), hopefully the dry bright weather will hold and as many of you as possible will be there!

25th September - Epsom CC on G25/53 - posted 03-10-2011
Report by Ben Wimpory.

Unusually pleasant conditions for this time of year created the 3 Sydenham starters, unfortunately Rob Royston and David Twin were non starters. After some confusion about numbers with the time keepers Bob Loader was given the time of 1.14.43. Second claim member Mark Newton then followed with a great ride considering illness of 57.48. Ben Wimpory was the last of the Sydenham starters and finished with a new PB of 55.50, which meant he won the fastest junior (as he was the only one in the category!) and was 7th on scratch. A great way to finish the season having 2 Sydenham riders in the top 15, a perfect springboard for next season. The event was won by Steve Dennis in a time of 51.23.

Website Facelift - posted 23-09-2011
The observant of you who have visited this site before will notice its had a make-over. Hope you like the new look and the new Gallery, a significant improvement on the old one I think you will agree! There are a couple of odds and ends to tidy up, like adding back the Events/Results from pre 2004 which I'll endeavour to do ASAP. If you find anything that's not working or want to give any feedback/comment please drop me a note, use my email if you have it or the 'Contact Us' links at the top of the page.


Club RR Champs - Hillingdon 18th Sep 2011 - posted 22-09-2011
Report by Paul Butler, Road Race Secretary.

On a warm, dry and (almost) sunny Sunday afternoon we managed to gettogether 17 seniors and 5 youths for our first Club Road RaceChampionships. We invited Avanti and 7Oaks Tri Club to join us who kindly supported us with 4 and 2 entrants respectively.

Thanks to some fantastic volunteers and some very supportive specatators we had a great senior race, a handicap race (to encourage all levels)over 50 mins and 3 laps of the 0.9 mile legendary circuit where BradleyWiggins grew up racing.

Unlike the rest of the year, where we all ride as a team at road races, points for the annual league table were at stake so we raced against each other. As a result everyone was attacking or chasing down breaks throughout in a really impressive display of fast, clean and safe bike racing. It took us 23 minutes of hard chasing initially to bring backthe 6 riders who were set off first with a head start and then a very brief lull (I think my heart rate went down to 170) before the attacks began. With 3 laps to go it seemed like it was going to a bunch sprint when Pete Mahoney slipped away on his own. A couple of big efforts to get across to him failed and Pete was dangling off the front at the bell. The pace was really hotting up at this point and Pete was picked up with half a mile to go as the sprinters came into their own. Here's my version of the finish - I'd done a bit too much work throughout the race to keep in moving along and I was really hurting, with half a lap to go I had an Avanti wheel (Dan) and he left a gap in front of him (to Lee) so that Lee and Frankie could start their sprint 10 yards up the road. I still got round Dan and Rob still got round Frankie but gettting to Lee was just too much. This all happened because I was racing against Rob not with him so I think that with someone leading a train for me and Rob we would have destroyed them! There's always next year. Well done Avanti, well done everyone!

Inter-Club Over For 2011 - posted 11-09-2011
Well its seems like five minutes ago that the competition kicked off in Sundridge and its over all ready! The bad news is despite some great individual performances we came bottom of the pile again. It appears that whilst we can mix it at the top of the table on most events what we clearly lack is the 'bums on saddles' to bolster the points total

The totals below are provisonal, however any changes are expected to be minor and won't affect the standings:
Sevenoaks Tri - 559
GS Avanti - 508
Sydenham Wh - 393

Well done to Sevenoaks for making it 2 out of 2 and to the Avanti for giving them a run for their money!

Q10/19 - 1st & 2nd Claim Members Only! - posted 07-09-2011
We have had quite a few queries from fellow cyclist interested in riding this Saturdays event on the Q10/19 course. However due to a local district ruling only 1st and 2nd claim riders from the named promoting clubs (Sydenham Wheelers, GS Avanti & Sevenoaks Tri) are allowed to ride this event on this course. So whilst we normally welcome riders from other clubs to our club events on this occasion unfortunately our hands are tied. Sorry!

LVRC Region 9 Champion - posted 31-08-2011
We have a champion in our midst - Richard Birtwistle finished fifth overall in the Region 9 LVRC Championships and first the in the 55 - 59 age group (Category D). He contested the sprint for first but lost out to his four companions (all Category C riders) in the closing meters having dropped his closest rival in the Category D race some 0.5 Km earlier.

Great ride Richard!

Anerley C.C. 50 Sun 7th Aug on G50/53 - posted 09-08-2011
The course is basically two laps of the Horsham 25 course and the club had three representatives taking part in this event. The conditions were rather blustery and the wind got up as the event went on. Thankfully though the short sharp showers seemed to stay away. Dave Twin was the first club rider off and finished with a 2.06.10 (33rd). Next was Bob Loader with a 2.40.39 (73rd) and lastly Rob Royston with a 2.04.18 (27th). The winner was Steve Dennis, East Grinstead CC in 1.45.20.

The lead out train rules again! - posted 04-08-2011
Report by Paul Butler, Road Race Secretary - Hillingdon Tuesday night crits 19th July 2011

Paul Butler achieved his best place ever on the raod last Tuesday with a fabulous 2nd place in the 3rd and 4ths race at Hillingdon thanks to a monster lead out from Rob Thatcher. Both riders were active during the race, getting in several breaks (they were both in the same break of 3 riders at one point) but inevitably it came down to a sprint. With 500m to go Rob and Paul jumped the field and only 2 other riders stayed with them. With 250m to go Rob's work was done and Paul was left with clear tarmac to the line. The only floor in their plan was that one Dulwich rider (they get everywhere don't they) overheard Paul and Rob discussing tactics and was glued to Paul's wheel, jumping him with 175m to go. Still, a huge effort from Rob and a mighty fine 2nd place, proving the lead out train works in either order! Paul and Rob will be learning Japanese in order to discuss tactics in secret before their next race (as long as it's not a Keirin).

Ben Nearly Gets 2 PBs In A Week - posted 15-07-2011
Wednesday 29th June Ben rode the Bexley 10 on the brands hatch course in 21-55 in near perfect conditions which was a new pb on the course, his best previous time being 22.29. The day after he did a 21-56 on the East Peckham course which was very close to another pb but not quite!

Farnham RC 25 - Sun 10th July on H25/8 - posted 13-07-2011
Well it made a change to get to the start of an event and actually find there wasnít much wind, only downside there was some light drizzle for the earlier end of the field. This resulted in some pretty rapid times with the first 49 riders all breaking the hour. Dave Twin was the first Sydenham rider off finishing with a 58.13 (37th) and for a change puncturing just after he crossed the finishing line. Second claim member Mark Newton managed a 55.12 (12th) even though he had problems with his gears. Bob Loader was happy with his 1.15.40 (94th) being a five minute improvement on the last 25 he rode. The overall winner was Russell Kober, Hainault RC in 51.14.

VTTA (Kent) 25 on Q25/12 Sunday 19th June - posted 20-06-2011
This event was moved from the Q25/8 due to road works. Oh joy another down on Romney Marsh for both Bob Loader and Dave Twin. This turned out to be yet another very windy one which made the going very tough. Both riders didnít finish the event but for other reasons. Bob had a section of his hub flange break and the spokes come out. This resulted in a very out of true wheel badly rubbing on the brake blocks and after a hard effort to get to the final roundabout Bob turn right to the HQ rather than left towards the chequered flag. Dave was also unlucky managing to hit a small pothole at the 21 mile stage, resulting in front compression puncture. The event was won by Andy Miles of VC Elan in 55.06.

Smithfield Nocturne - posted 20-06-2011
Report by Jack Gregorie

I was invited to take part in the IG Markets nocturne on saturday 11th June. At first I wasn't sure I wanted to do it because a few people were saying how technical the circuit was. I then just thought that I will only get to do something like this once so I might as well! In the end I really enjoyed my self. I was asked to do two challenges for the "IG Markets Team Challenge" as a guest of the IG Markets team, these were the sprint and the team relay. I don't know the actual position I came in the sprint but im guessing it must have been 3rd or 4th judging from the other results and the final standings. Riding in a team of three people in the team relay was good fun. It was one lap flat out, get off the bike at the finish line and run the the pits (10 meters away from the line) to tag the next rider in. We won this event which placed us in third place overall. It was great going and standing on the podium with the other two teams (2nd and 1st). It was then great to see the pro race at the end of the night and I'm sure most of you are aware of Alex Dowsett and his win!

KCA 50 Sun 5th June on Q50/11 - posted 16-06-2011
The continuing strong winds and very overcast conditions was the order of the day down on Romney Marsh. Out of the three first claim Sydenham riders down to challenge for the Clubís singer Trophy, Steve Thurgood and Bob Loader did not start, leaving Dave Twin just having to finish to pick up the silverware. This however proved to be a very hard ride and Dave eventually finished with a 2.09.53 (13th). Second claim member Mark Newton recorded a 1.58.44 for 2nd place, but due to riding second claim did not pick up a medal. The overall winner was Kevin Tye, Datateam Allstars in 1.49.53.

Southborough & Dist Wh 25 13th June on G25/89. - posted 16-06-2011
Four Sydenham riders made their way down to Maresfield the other side of the Ashdown Forest to ride this event on a rather chilly morning for June. Steve Thurgood was the first member off and finished in a very respectable 1.00.15 (14th). Paul Delicata was next and continues to improve with another PB of 1.05.57 (30th), although he was caught by man of the moment Ben Wimpory who finished in 58.15 a PB by 5.05 minutes and taking 4th place overall. On top of this he picked up total prize money of £30. Dave Twin managed a 1.00.41 (18th). The overall winner was Iain Brogden, Eastbourne Rovers in 53.07.

VTTA Nat Champs 25 12th June on E2/25 - posted 16-06-2011
Rob Royston rode this event and finished with a 56.32 (36th) with the winning time coming from Kevin Tye in 49.57. We donít know how Rob did on age standard basis, but his and the winners time prove what a fast course this can be in the right conditions.

Wins Are Like Buses - posted 11-06-2011
Report by Road Race Secretary Paul Butler

It's a "win win" situation for Sydenham! In a fantastic week for the club, both Rob Thatcher and Paul Butler scored their first wins of the season. On Tuesday 7th June at Hillingdon Rob dominated the sprint in the 3rd and 4ths race at Hillingdon. After a series of failed attacks by other riders throughout the evening the race came down to a bunch finish as it often does. On the final right hand bend Rob jumped the field just before anyone else had started their sprint and with his awesome power he opened quite a gap with about 350m to go. He was too strong for anyone to go with him and he held off the field for a brilliant first win.

The next night saw Paul secure his first win in the Devil at Herne Hill velodrome, riding most of the race from the front and then narrowly taking the sprint from the remaining 3 riders at the bell.

What a week!!

Pete's Racing Round Up - posted 09-06-2011
On 7th of June surrounded by Dulwich, Bigfoots, Dynamo's etc, Pete Mahoney was again the sole representative for Sydenham Wheelers at the Crystal Palace summer series. This does not get much nearer home turf. Big bunches are now common with riders getting turned away once the numbers hit 100, which is probably not a bad rule for this circuit, so remember to get there early.

The races are now 32 laps for the big boys(E,1,2) with the 3 & 4 cats contesting over 28 laps (as the light has got better the races have got longer). The weather again was just right for a great evening of racing.

Mahoney's start was not best but after 10 laps, he was near the front. A couple of breaks early on came to nothing but this set the pace for the whole race keeping the tempo high. Mahoney joined in with trying to get away with one big dig and a later dig that nearly sent him out the back after such an effort. All to no avail.

With the laps flying past Mahoney found himself in the wrong end of the field (again!) at the bell. The last lap is one long sprint. In a desperate attempt to rectify his poor position, Mahoney threw caution to the wind and made up places on the corners, hitting the up hill drag in a bunch that was already disintegrating. Trying to keep the distance to the leaders in reasonable check. All this effort for 11th place. Out of the points but his best placing of the 3 races ridden at Palace this season.

On the 4th of June, Mahoney was in action on the Fowlmead circuit near Deal. Being near the coast it's open to the elements and this set for a hard day. A headwind greeted riders up the start and finish straight, which proved to be quite telling with the amount of failed breaks but finally three riders pulled away. It proved too difficult for one of the break riders who dropped back. No amount of shouting for riders to work together could form any real attempted to pull the break back and so the two out front sprinted for the win. After 60 mins plus 5 laps the sprint for 3rd proved too much for Mahoney who went backwards as the line came closer, finishing at the back of the bunch.

Lewes Wanderers Crit 2nd June - posted 05-06-2011
Matt lucas was three only club rider in this event which is the first in a series of three. It was a fantastic sunny evening for racing and this particular event is alway a well attended and friendly affair. Despite half the field being made up entirely of Brigton Mitre and Lewes Wanderers in turned out to be a good event with some attacking riding, the summary is as follows:

* Matt missed 'The Move' which went when the bunch slowed after the Prime on lap two, three riders got away.
* He did get in the chase group of about 10 which stayed away despit having a few 'passengers' in the form of team mates of the three up the road.
* The leading trio became two when one rider fell back to the chase group.
* Matt contested the sprint for third. Deadly his sprint is not, and the 'unleashing' has an effect more akin to throwing out an anchor, rolling in 8th overall.

Full result available HERE.

Your Club Needs You - posted 01-06-2011
Paul Butler is looking for volunteers to help with the promotion of the SERRL event on 26th June. The circuit for this race has been moved to Benenden/Sandhurst with Benenden Village Hall as HQ, the event starts at 9:30. If you can help please get in contact with Paul ASAP - paul@paulbutlerfitness.com.

Spoke Too Soon? - posted 23-05-2011
It was only last week we were relishing in top spot on the Inter-Club leader board (we came bottom last year if you recall) and what a difference a week makes. A combination of a v.poor turnout from the Sydenham, an excellent turn out for both GS Avanti and 7Oaks Tri and some none to shabby times from our multi-sport friends (5 riders in top 10) has ended our brief spell at the top. Lets get a good turnout this week at Cudham and make sure we make this seasons competition a good one. Current standings as follow:

7 Oaks Tri = 110
Sydenham = 93
GS Avanti = 73

Windy 50 - San Fairy Ann Q50/11 - posted 23-05-2011
Second claim member Mark Newton was one of only 7 riders to get under two hours in this windy day down at Rye. Vicious headwinds blunted the speed on the way out with Mark reportedly struggling to get above 18mph....the way back was a different story with 33mph+ speeds through Camber on the return. The event was won by Kevin Tye - Datateam Allstars in 1:49:03.

Crawley Wh 's CC 41.59 on GS/196 Sun 22nd May - posted 23-05-2011
Fairly heavy rain and a strong breeze was what welcomed riders when they turned up for this event. There was a general lack of enthusiasm in the headquarters as riders got themselves ready. Of the 5 Sydenham riders Steve Thurgood was the first off and finished with a 1.51.27. Ed Rieu was next off and had the delights of Dave Twin starting 4 minutes behind him. Dave was only about 5 bike lengths behind Ed as they joined the short A24 section when his front tyre went bang. Ed apparently had a rubbing back wheel and due to the conditions gave up and just rode around to the finish. Both therefore being DNFs. Rob Royston did the best ride finishing with a 1.46.14 and Pete Mahoney came in with a 1.51.41. The overall event was won by Steve Dennis East Grinstead CC in 1.35.57.

Bexley CC Eve 10 - Brands Hatch - posted 19-05-2011
Ben Wimpory rode this evening event on the 18th May in less than perfect conditions. Despite a strong headwind on the way-out and a slippery surface sue to rain he still clocked a very impressive 22:34.

Worthing Excelsior 25 G25/53 on 15th May - posted 18-05-2011
Yet another bright morning for a time trial, the only problem was the rising wind coming from the North West which mad for a hard ride. Paul Delicata was the first of the two Sydenham riders off. Unfortunately he acted as a carrot for 2nd claim member Mark Newton off a minute afterwards and Dave Twin a further 2minutes behind. Paul was very happy though as he did a personal best of 1.06.31. Dave finished with a 1.01.05 and Mark a 58.25. The overall winner was Steve Dennis, East Grinstead CC with 52.26.

34 Turn Out At Cudham - posted 13-05-2011
Following the cancellation of last weeks event the first actual Evening TT of 2011 got a good attendance of 34. Notable performances from Ben, winning the event with time to spare and also Steve who knocked best part of a minute of his PB for the course. To polish off a good evening, and whilst its still early days, Sydenham appear to have got the jump on the other clubs in the Interclub with current points standing as follows:

Sydenham - 78
7 Oaks Tri - 60
GS Avanti - 46

Full result listing available via the 'Events' page.

Rob takes 2nd place at Hillingdon! - posted 09-05-2011
Report by Paul Butler, Road Race Secretary.

With a blistering sprint finish last Tuesday evening (3rd May), Rob Thatcher took his best finish so far to finish 2nd in the 3rd/4th Cats race at Hillingdon. It really was a race of 2 halves, ending in a bunch sprint but starting with a series of attacks and Paul Butler finding himself in all the breaks. Unluckily for Paul, just when it was looking like one would stay away it all came together with about 6 laps to go. Not feeling too well by this point (!) Paul then pulled out but Rob sat sensibly in the bunch before launching his "soon to become trademark" kick to a fantastic 2nd place. Well done Rob and some TV air time for the club throughout the race!

Wigmore CC 25 - Sun 8th May - posted 09-05-2011
Only the barest of essential info available on this one......Steve Thurgood rode this event on the Q25/8 and did a 1.00.55. Pete Tadros In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp won in 51.52

Tonights Evening 10 Cancelled - posted 05-05-2011
Please note that due to recent road works on the course leaving the road surface in an unsuitable condition for racing tonight's event has been cancelled. Hopefully the loose chippings will clear away over the coming weeks meaning future events planned for the course will not be affected.

KCA 10 1st May on Q10/22 Harrietsham - posted 03-05-2011
On a very blustery but bright morning four members of the club rode this event. Dave Twin must have upset someone as he was off number 1 and finished with a time of 23.38. Paul Delicata was very happy with his 25.29. Andy Fruin was not so pleased with his 26.58 and Bob Loader was being rational with his 32.10 as he will be 78 years old next weekend. The winner was Kevin Tye, Datateam Allstars in 20.43.

Crystal Palace Tue Night Crits 26th April 2011 - posted 03-05-2011
Report by Paul Butler, Road Race Secretary.

Pete Mahoney and Rob Thatcher contested this 3rd and 4th Cats race on the feared Crystal Palace circuit, known to be one of the hardest racing circuits in the South. Although Rob, with many other riders, lost contact with the main field he still finished to earn himself 2 valuable Sydenham league points (1 for starting, one for finishing if you recall!).

The ride of the night went to Pete however who finished impressively in the ever decreasing peloton as the strength of Pete and his co-riders shed people off the back every lap. Although he didn't contest the major placings, to finish in a bunch of that strength (in his first return to Palace in nearly 20 years) is outstanding.

Why wasn't your road race secretary riding I hear you ask? I'd rather stick pins in my eyes!

LVRC Win For Richard - posted 03-05-2011
Richard Hallett represented the club in the Epsom Spring Classic LVRC RR on 17/4/11 for ABC Age Categories. He did so in style coming in 4th on the combined event and winning the Cat C event in the process nearly 4 minutes clear of his nearest Cat C rival. More details can be found on the LVRC site HERE!

East Sussex CA 25 17th April on G25/89 - posted 19-04-2011
Dave Twin was the sole club representative to ride this course based on the A22. The event had 68 riders on the start sheet 29 of whom were from Lewes Wanderers. With another weekend of bright conditions and a light breezes saw Dave finish this event in a time of 59.23. Pete Tadros InGear QuickVit was the overall winner in a time of 52.08.

Hillingdon Tuesday night series 12/04/2011 - posted 19-04-2011
Report by Paul Butler, Sydenham Road Race Secretary.

The clocks have changed, the days are getting longer and so The Evening Crits have begun!

Jack Gregorie kicked off Sydenham's evening in the Youth A race and is looking more and more comfortable with the speed of these races. Unfortunately for Jack he missed the decisive break for the third week in a row! Credit where it's due though as Jack jumped off the front of his group and chased the front group for a good lap or so before accepting that it wasn't to be, dropping back to the second group and finishing comfortably in the bunch a brilliant 6th place in his age group.

Rob Thatcher and Paul Butler were up next in the 3rds and 4ths race, although the drama had already started just signing on - the Organiser suggested to Paul that any 3rd Cat who was "serious" should be racing against the Elites in the E123 race! Despite these 'motivational words'from the kind gentleman, instead of racing against a group of riders half their age and weight who are paid to do this for a living, Paul and Rob opted for a level playing field in the 3rds and 4ths race!

With 44 starters and not much daylight the race was full of attacks all the way through but with 3 laps to go it was still all together and Paul had Rob on his wheel. Coming around the final right hander Paul delivered Rob onto the finishing straight in the first 3 and although in hindsight it was a 100m or so too early, Rob finished a very credible 5th! We are on the map!!!!

A few days later on Saturday 16th April Paul and Rob raced another Hillingdon 3rds and 4ths race, this time in a field of 50. It was Rob's birthday so Paul offered to play at being Mark Renshaw yet again and took the lessons learnt on Tuesday to deliver Rob to 200m from the line this time. Rob's power meter showed just shy of 1400 watts as he jumped off of Paul's wheel for the line, finishing in a photo finish and a fantastic third place. Happy Birthday Rob! All prize money shall be shared with his lead out man!!

So in one week, Sydenham placed 3rd, 5th and 6th.......That's what I'm talking about!

Sat 16th April - Q10/22 Harrietsham course. - posted 19-04-2011
Ben Wimpory was the sole representative from Sydenham in a field of 35 riders. A perfect day for racing with little wind meant that good times were posted on the slightly rolling course. Ben did a 22.21 which was a PB by almost a minute and was 3rd overall on the day. The event was won by Mike Piper from Kent Cycles RC in a time of 21.15.

UPDATED Nomads Hilly - posted 18-04-2011
We now have the official times from the Nomads event a couple of weeks ago:
P Maoney Sydenham Wh 33.23
S Hourigan 34 Nomads 35.32
R Beswick 34 Nomads 36.21
B Loader Sydenham Wh 48.40

Catford CC 10 Sat 9th April on Q10/19 - posted 11-04-2011
For the second year running this event featured blue skies and sunshine, the one difference was it was a lot warmer this year. The winds were light which resulted in some rapid times again. There were only two members from the club; Dave Twin finished 4 seconds faster than last year with 22.26 and Steve Thurgood went over a minute faster to set a PB of 22.41. Second claim members Mark Newton finished with 21.44 and Matt Miles a 20.38. The overall winner again was Pete Tadros, In Gear Quickvit with 19.38.

Tooting BC 21 Sat 9th April on GS334. - posted 11-04-2011
Rob Royston was the only Sydenham representative at this sporting event. Rob was aiming to gain some points towards the SPOCO series he has entered. He came out of the ride very well finishing with 6th place overall in a time of 55.39, winning £15.00 on vet standard and gaining over a hundred points towards the SPOCO series. The event was won by Sebastian Ader of A3crg in 51.03.

Redmon CC 25 Sun 10th April on G25/45. - posted 11-04-2011
The sun continues to shine this weekend but there was more of a breeze on this rolling course in Surrey. Both Rob Royston and Dave Twin still had slightly heavy legs at the beginning of the event due to their respective efforts the day before. Rob was of first off and finished in 1.00.30 (25th). As a result got a +13.41 on his age standard and picked up 3rd prize on standard. Dave finished with a 1.00.22 (22nd). The overall event was won by Chris Ball, BioBike RT in 51.53.

34 Nomads Hilly Sat 9th April on GS310 . - posted 11-04-2011
Only four people turned out to ride this event, two from the 34 Nomads and two from Sydenham (Bob and Pete). Dave and Steve stopped off on their way back from the Catford 10 on Q10/19 to give the lads a shout on Hubbards Hill and can confirm that Pete Mahoney won the event in 33:?? (they think) and whilst they know Bob finished there are no details available of his time as yet. When we get more info we will provide an update.

Club Road Race Champs - posted 06-04-2011
Some of you, having received emails from Paul Butler, will be aware that this year we plan to run a new Club Road Race Championship competition. It looks really good and culminates with a showdown at Hillingdon in September. Full details of the competition, qualifying events, points and current standings (yes some members of the club have already got a headstart on this) can be found HERE! This link is also available from the Events page of the site.

Great Fools Turnout - posted 04-04-2011
The first club event of the year was run on Sunday. The great weather surely had an influence on the tremendous turn out. Some good times recorded as well with Sydenham riders grabbing 4 of the top 6 positions. What can you say about young Ben Wimpory.....if any one see's Brailsford coming give him some duff directions please! The full result is available from the link on the 'Events' page.

Hillingdon Spring Crits 2 - posted 28-03-2011
Report by Paul Butler, Sydenham Road Race Secretary.

In week 2 of the Sydenham Road Racers' campaign we had 3 riders this time:

Jack Gregorie rode in the Youth A race (Under 16, 10 miles)and after putting in a good turn on the front was a little unlucky in missing the decisive break of the day. Still, Jack's group battled on and he finished a very credible 8th in his age group, learning some big lessons about tactics along the way! Well done Jack.

In the 2nd/3rd/4ths race (35 miles), Paul Butler drew the short straw and was nominated to work for Rob Thatcher. In a huge field of 120 riders (possibly the largest in Hillingdon history) Paul and Rob worked hard to stay near the front all race, even then Rob was involved in a crash but the field was so big he was up and back on his bike before the last rider had come through! With 5 laps to go Paul did some huge turns into the wind, dragging Rob up to the front only to get swamped time and time again. They persevered though and their efforts were rewarded as Paul led Rob out for 15th, finishing 25th himself.

Considering the quality and the size of the field, that was a fantastic result for the lads.

Kent Cycles 2 Up 25 - 20th March Q25/20 - posted 21-03-2011
Driving to the event headquarters the car was registering -4 degrees. The good news was there was no wind and the Sun was trying to breakthrough the cloud. This was the event nominated for the clubís 2-up trophy and two teams were down to start. Andy Fruin and Paul Delicata were off first with Dave Twin and Rob Royston following 6 minutes later. The only problem being that riding to the start Daveís bike made a large bang and then his seat post started to slide down. On investigation it was found that the seat post clamp had snapped. As a result Rob Royston had to ride on his own, still managing a 1.03.15 and catching Andy and Paul in the process. Andy and Paul finished with a 1.10.45 and as the only pairing left picked up the 2-up trophy. Second claim member Matt Miles riding for In-Gear Quickvit also had to ride alone after his partners forks snapped at the start. Matt finished with a 57.12, only just being beaten by the winning duo of Carl Chapman and Steve Castle, GS Invicta in 57.11.

Sydenham Roadies Off The Mark - Hillingdon 20/03 - posted 21-03-2011
Report by Paul Butler, Sydenham Road Race Secretary.

On a beautifully sunny March afternoon of racing, we had 4 riders racing this Saturday at the Hillingdon circuit and everybody put in a very respectable performance.

First off was 15 year old Jack Gregorie in the Youth A race (10 miles). In his first few attempts last year, Jack wasn't quite able to finish his races with the front group but thanks to some hard work on the bike (mainly in the snow!) this winter, he finished comfortably in the middle of the pack and he should be very proud of himself.

In the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Cats race (33 miles), we were represented by Rob Thatcher, Pete Mahoney and Paul Butler. All 3 riders put in attacks during the race with Pete gaining the biggest gaps, going well with his obvious early season fitness. The pack kept coming quickly back together, as it often does at Hillingdon and Paul and Rob were well positioned with 3 laps to go. Ex-Tour rider Magnus Backstedt kindly brough his team to our race though, Team Uk Youth, who ramped it up to an impossibly high speed, splitting the bunch on the final lap. Paul and Rob had the speed to finish in the front half and Pete's monster attacks early on meant he finished comfortably in the second bunch, a few seconds back.

A solid start for the team.

KCA 3 Up TTT held 13th Mar on Q25/12 - posted 17-03-2011
Although the roads were damp the riders in the event got away without having to actually face any rain. There was however a bit of a wind to contend with on the return leg. The one Sydenham trio riding of Robert Royston, Dave Twin and Pete Mahoney rode pretty well together finishing 9th out of the 33teams that started in a time of 59.37. The winners were Kevin Tye, Andy Meilak and Seth Kay of Data Team Allstars in a time of 53.44.

Catford TT on Polhill Q10/18 13th Mar - posted 17-03-2011
Ben Wimpory did his first time trial of 2011 as a private member in a Catford TT event on the Polhill Q10/18 course. Rain greeted the 10 starters on a damp surface which made cornering difficult. Being 7th off it came somewhat as a surprise to catch everyone in front of him to win in a time of 23.19 which was a PB on this course.

East Surrey Hardriders, Sun 6th March - posted 08-03-2011
Six Sydenham riders were down to start the 47th edition of this event. For some it would be their first event of the year, with others already having one or two events under their belt. On the day both Ed Rieu and Neil Stanley did not start. The remaining four were greeted by freezing conditions with a brisk breeze. They also had to contend with an alteration to the course due to road works involving some rolling technical lanes. The times recorded were as follows; Richard Hallett 1.18.23 (28th), Pete Mahoney 1.19.22 (33rd), Dave Twin 1.20.02 (34th) and Robert Royston 1.20.04 (35th). The winning time was 1.06.01 by Wouter Sybrandy of Sigma Sport.

Hell Of The Ashdown - posted 07-03-2011
On the 27th February the good weather that had eluded last year's event seemed to be with us with a brisk but bright day. Jamie Walker, Howard Wimpory and Ben Wimpory set off before 9 with 900 starters on the day. The Cudham 'test hill' certainly got everyone's heart pumping within the first few miles before a brief respite before the descent of Houghstrough Hill and then up the easier side of Toys Hill. Luckily thanks to some good pacing on the flat by Howard Wimpory we managed to catch up to a fast group near Hever which took us to Dormansland before they tailed off on the hill. It was straight past the 'tea stop' with Jamie Walker on the front into the Ashdown Forest and up Kidds Hill and then the fast decent to Groombridge. A new Groombridge Hill met us and at this point we had been overtaking people all day without anyone overtaking us which pushed us on to Baileys Hill at quite a tempo where the group fragmented slightly. It was all together straight through the other 'tea stop' at Ide Hill where there were many potholes to negotiate on the way down. From Sundridge it seemed to be youth before experience with Ben Wimpory driving a group of around 10 riders along to the foot of Star hill before loosing them after the roundabout. Everyone was glad to see the end of Star Hill as it represented the last major climb of the day. It just left a 'short' stretch to Biggin Hill which seemed to last for ages before finally pulling into Jail Lane in 3 hours 48 mins for the 66 mile route which feature 6,000ft of climbing. We were all very pleased with our work on the day and finished 14-16th overall.

Training Rides - posted 02-03-2011
Time to kick off the 2011 news articles with an update on whats going on in the club training ride wise at the weekends. There are currently two rides/groups going out at the weekend. There is the traditional Sunday club run starting at 9:30 on Sunday mornings from the bottom of Polhill, however there is also now an easier and shorter weekend ride on offer. This is something that Paul Butler and Bob Loader are working hard to establish, it is in its early days and for the last couple of weeks has taken place on Saturday morning. If your interested in this ride please get in touch with Paul and Bob.

Excellent Hardriders Turn-Out - posted 02-03-2011
This Sunday see's the running of one of the big season openers for those in the TT scene - The East Surrey Hardriders. We have surely the best representation from the club in living memory with 6 names down on the start sheet. The club members down to ride are - Ed Rieu, Dave Twin, Richard Hallett, Pete Mahoney, Rob Royston and Neil Stanley. They start in the order listed with Ed the first off at 08:13 and Neil the last club member to start at 09:02. So if youíre in the area around those times give the guys a shout of encouragement.