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Club News - 2010

Youth Wins Through In Club Hill Climb - posted 02-11-2010
Despite the horrible conditions on Sunday 5 club members mustered the enthusiasm to ride the annual Club Hill Climb and Downhill Competitions. Mr Consistency - Richard Hallet won the downhill again, however the 'real race' was won in style by one of our younger members, Ben Wimpory. Despite pulling his foot from the pedal at the start he still managed to put 9 seconds of daylight between himself and his closest rival Pete Mahoney. Great ride!

In fact the day was all about the clubs young riders with our youngest member Christopher Mulford also turning out a sterling effort and putting in a ride that was not too far adrift from some of the clubs fastest riders. Impressive stuff!

See the events page for full result.

Why You Shouldn't Hill Climb - posted 19-10-2010
Check out these photo's on Flickr from the Bec Hill climb, some interesting expressions and shows why this aspect of the sport isn't for the vain - Flickr Gallery.

Igle Entrepreneurism - posted 19-10-2010
Club member Richard Hill is shortly due to start importing bikes from American frame builder Chris Igleheart...and very good they look too. See attached article from Cycle Active Magazine:
Cycle Active Article.
Igle Bike Website.
* When the Cycle Active article opens you will need to zoom in to see it clearly i.e. click on the image or change the zoom level. In Internet Explorer this is found in bottom right of screen.

Hup Hup - Catford & Bec Hill Climbs - posted 13-10-2010
The Syd's had a great turn out for these two crazy events at the weekend, with 5 first claimers and 1 second claim rider across the two competitions. One potty individual (Derek Taylor) even did the infamous 'double'. Some of the times were not too shabby either:

Catford - Yorks Hill
29th - Iain Akhurst 2.13.9
71st - Derek 'The Double' Taylor 2.44.5
The event winner was Robert Gough (Arctic Premier RT) in 1.49.2.

Bec - White Lane
56th - Andy Ross 2.28.1
60th - Mark Newton 2.33.2 (Second Claim Member)
72nd - Paul Butler 2.41.3
77th - Derek 'The Double' Taylor 2.49.3
88th - Robert Robbins 3.21.6
The event winner was a Junior who rides for Team de Ver by the name of Germain Burton, he flew up the hill faster than all the favourites to win in a course record time of 1.45.3.

The full results are available from the links below::
Full Catford Result
Full Bec Result

South Western RC Alfold - posted 07-10-2010
Robert Thatcher came 4th in this Cat3 event run by South Western RC for Surrey League at Alfold Crossways. Winning the bunch sprint for fourth in what was reportedly a tough end of season event. Paul Butler also represented the club in this event and was in the mix at the end coming in 11th. The full result is Here!.

Epsom CC 25 on G25/53 - Sun 26th Sept - posted 27-09-2010
With the weather conditions as they were it type of makes you glad itĎs the end of the season. Cold with a strong north wind was what greeted the riders in this well organised event. Dave Twin was the first Sydenham rider off finishing with a 1.00.58 (29th) and didnít get caught this week by Mark Newton who started 3 minutes after him. Mark finished with a 59.25 (20th). Neil Stanley just crept under the hour with 59.57 (=24th). 17 year old Ben Wimpory rode his first ever 25 and finished with a very impressive 1.03.20 (46th), in the process winning the clubís junior time trial trophy for the fastest 10 and 25 of the season. He also managed to pick up £10 for his troubles in his age category. The overall winner was Steve Dennis, East Grinstead CC in 51.36.

Hounslow & Dist Wh 25 on H25/8 Sun 19th Sept - posted 21-09-2010
Three first claim and one second claim member were back over in Hampshire to ride the Bentley bypass and yet again got the delights of another windy day. Matt Preston was the first of the quartet to start and had reasonably fresh legs compared to the others who had all raced the previous day. Matt finished with a 1.04.15 which was nearly a minute faster than the same event last year. Neil Stanley was next in with a 58.39. Dave Twin had the delight of Mark Newton off 2 minutes after him and got caught on the second lap. Dave recorded a 59.49 and Mark with a 56.19. the overall event was won by R. Legge of London Dynamo in 53.59.

Final Standings - Inter-Club 2010 - posted 21-09-2010
The first year of the new inter-club competition between GS Avanti, 7 Oaks Tri and ourselves has come to an end, and if this were our school report card it would say something like 'Could Do Better'. It's been a great opening year for the competition with excellent turnouts and some really close racing we've just lagged behind the other two clubs when it comes to getting numbers of riders on the start line. The final points totals and placings are as follows:

1) 7 Oaks Tri - 331 pts
2) GS Avanti - 306 pts
3) Sydenham Wh - 214 pts

North Hampshire RC 25 on H25/8 21st Aug - posted 23-08-2010
Steve Thurgood, Dave Twin and second claim member Mark Newton all made there way to Hampshire Saturday afternoon to ride on the Bentley by pass. Although the day was muggy warm there was a really strong wind and on top of this a fine but strong drizzle appeared. Dave managed to part company wit his bike before the start on a the damp roads, reaching the start with a rather sore hip and bleeding elbow. Steve was the first club rider off finishing with a 58.11 and achieving his aim of a sub hour personal (2.50 better than his previous). Mark finished with 55.12 (13th) and Dave achieved a 59.02. the overall was won by Jerone Walters, sigma Sport in 51.03.

KCA 50 held on15/08/2010 on the Q50/1 - posted 17-08-2010
With Ed Rieu just getting back into the swing of racing and Dave Twin coming back from holiday, the duo entered this event with the idea of getting some hard racing miles in their legs to assist them with the remaining events in the season. Twice up and down Harrietsham is hard enough, but the wind on the day played havoc with the field. At 28 miles Ed decided he had had enough and packed. Dave carried on finishing with a very slow 2.14.39. Second claim member Mark Newton finished with 2.03.12. The winner was Jason White, Cycle Premier who finished in an incredible 1.55.54.

De Laune CC 25 on Q25/8 1st August - posted 16-08-2010
Neil Stanley, Steve Thurgood and Mark Newton rode the De Laune CC 25 on Q25/8 on the 1st August. Steve did what we believe is a pb of 1:01:16 finishing 28th, Neil managed a 59:20 and finished 18th (a pb for him on this course) and Mark came 11th in 57:38. The event was won by dave wheeler from in gear in 55:03.

Finsbury Park CC 25 on F1/25 8th August - posted 16-08-2010
Neil Stanley rode the Finsbury Park CC 25 on F1/25. The outward leg was into a strong headwind with the reverse being true for the return. The less than perfect conditions didn't hamper Neil's progress who proceeded to smash his pb for the distance by 51 seconds finishing in 57:18 for 27th. The event was won by Sam Barker Planet X RT in 51:42.

VTTA Kent 50 on Q50/11, 25th July 2010 - posted 27-07-2010
Three Sydenham riders were down to ride twice round Romney Marsh but on the day Neil Stanley did not start. The conditions were rather overcast but a little muggy with a light breeze early on but this got up as the morning went on. Dave Twin wound up being the only club rider to finish as Bob Loader packed at the end of the first lap. Dave finished with a 2.03.26. At the time of leaving the event was being led by Steve Berry of San Fairy Ann with a 1.50.55.

Southborough & District Wh 25 G25/89, 11th July - posted 16-07-2010
A mixed bag all the way round for club members on this sporting course. This was another warm morning with the wind mainly behind you on the way out. Steve Thurgood was the first of the trio to finish in a PB time of 1.01.01. Neil Stanley was the second rider home, but unfortunately due to a lack of marshal on the last roundabout managed to go straight on to the following roundabout. He then had to retrace and turn to the finish and recorded a time of 1.01.32. when he looked like he would be under the hour again. Dave Twin was neck to neck with Neil had the far turn but at 20 miles the gears started slipping then totally locked up. Thanks to a kind soul called Richard heading off to his club run Dave got a push all the way back to the hall. The winner of the event was Steve Dennis East Grinstead CC in 52.07.

Charlotteville CC 25 on H/25/8 - 3rd July 2010 - posted 12-07-2010
Another trip over to Hampshire to ride the Bentley bypass proved to be rather good for the Sydenham. The joys of warm weather with a blustery wind which was mainly blowing from the west meant some good time generally amongst the field. This included a new course record for Alex Dowsett, U23 Trek Livestrong/Radioshack of 47.50. Of the Sydenham riders, second claim member Mark Newton was first to finish in 55.47 (7th), Bob Loader was next in with 1.16.50 (86th). Dave Twin followed with his second fastest solo 25 time of 57.58 (17th) and Neil Stanley came in with 58.15 (18th).

Good Weekend For PB's - posted 03-07-2010
Report from Neil Stanley

Saturday started bright and early with a 10 on G57/10, all went very well the weather was near perfect and the traffic was very light which was handy for the roundabouts. I came home 11th in a time of 22:21 and a new pb for a 10, with the event being won by keith coffey of bec cc in 20:55. Mark Newton was also riding and came 2nd in 21:08, a PB for him and his highest place finish in an open event.

Sunday was again another near perfect apart from starting at 06:42...not fun although it was worse for Bob Loader as he was off at 06:09 Bob went round in 2:33:45. I went round in my fastest ever time for a 50 and my first time under 2hours in 1:59:34, just managed to cross the line before bob and the first thing he did when we got back to the hq was congratulate me and shake my hand for breaking the 2 hours.

So that was pretty much the perfect end to the weekend, the less said about the football team the better!!!

VTTA 25 on Q25/8 - Sunday 27th June - posted 30-06-2010
Steve Thurgood was the only Sydenham rider to enter this event and was greeted by sunny, yet slightly windy conditions. This was the second time Steve had ridden this particular circuit, and managed to achieve a personal best with a 1.2.16, which was an improvement of 43 seconds over his previous best for that distance. The event winner was David Wheeler of In Gear Quickvit RT, finishing in 54.20

ECCA 100 on E2/100c - Sunday 27th June 2010 - posted 28-06-2010
After the disappointment of driving all the way to Cambridgeshire last year for this event to be cancelled due to thick fog on what would have been an amazing float day, both Dave Twin and Rob Royston were glad to be met by reasonable conditions, although not a good as they would have been the previous year. There was a bit of a breeze out on the course but that didnít stop both the Sydenham pair from both achieving personal bests. Dave did a 4.17.25 (31st), knocking over 6 minutes off his previous best from 13 years previous. Rob flew recording a very impressive 4.05.23 (18th) knocking about a minute off his previous best from about the 80ís. The winner was Andy Bason of teampedalrevolution.co.uk with 3.37.16.

Hilly 21 TT Postponed - posted 22-06-2010
Please note that the Hilly TT planned for this coming Thursday (24th) has been moved to a provisional date on 8th July. This is due to un-safe road surface on Ide Hill and the road across Bough Beech Reservoir.

KCA 50 held Sunday 6th 2010 on Q50/11 course - posted 21-06-2010
Romney Marsh experienced a major thunderstorm on the Saturday night before this event, so all riders had very wet roads and some major puddles to contend with as they did their two loops. The wind on the day wasnít as bad as it can be which assisted Kevin Tye of Data team Allstars set a winning time and new course record or 1.46.42. Four of the five Sydenham riders down to ride started. Both Steve Thurgood and Paul Delicata were riding their first 50 milers. Dave Twin suffered a rear tub puncture while waiting to start and had to race back to the hall borrow a wheel race back and incur a late start of 8.45 minutes. The wheel he borrowed had been used on a turbo so made the many bend rather interesting and then had to wait at level crossing for the train to go through on the second lap. The final times were Steve Thurgood 2.06.23 (12th), Dave Twin 2.16.32 (30th with 8.45 late start), Paul Delicata 2.21.35 (40th) and Bob Loader 2.37.15 (37th).

North Kent Bikeathon - posted 16-06-2010
The Rotary Club of Catford are organising this charity ride which starts and finishes in Norman Park Bromley on 4th July. Its a nice local event to support with the proceeds going to a good cause in Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. More details available from their Website.

Crawley Wheelers 41.49 Sporting Sun 23rd May on GS - posted 15-06-2010
Of the seven Sydenham riders down to start Ed Rieu was the only one that didnít. The remaining six had the delights of blue skies and light winds to enjoy on this challenging course. Richard Hallett turned in a very impressive 1.43.38 (11th), Robert Royston 1.47.45 (19th), Dave Twin 1.49.18 (24th), Neil Stanley 1.50.14 (27th), Steve Thurgood 1.50.51 (29th) and Bob Loader 2.21.55 (49th). In the process Richard and Rob won the vet team prize picking up £10 each. The overall winner was Steve Dennis, East Grinstead CC 1.33.39 which was a new course record.

Worthing Excelsior 25 (G25/53) Sun 16th May - posted 17-05-2010
Another bright but chilly morning with a bit of a breeze was what greeted Neil Stanley and Dave Twin when they arrived in Surrey. There was a general consensus amongst the riders taking part that it had been a strange, slower day for this course. Neil just came out on top of the two Sydenham riders with a 1.00.49. Dave finished only 11 seconds behind with a 1.01.00. The overall winner was David Wheeler of Rye Wheelers with a 52.13.

Cudham TT 13th May CANCELLED! - posted 13-05-2010
Please note that the Evening Time Trial due to place tonight has been cancelled. This is due to recent roadworks having left the road surface on sections of the circuit unsafe for the running of the event.

Updates From Neil Stanley - posted 11-05-2010
On 25th April Neil and Ed rode the Addsicombe CC 25. The weather wasn't great with a lot of rain for the first half of the race. Ed finished 44th in 1:01:20 Neil 34th in 1:00:35 and second claim member Mark Newton finished 21st in 59:05. The race was won by Steve Dennis of East Grinstead CC in 52:14.

On Saturday 8th May Neil rode the Shaftesbury CC event on E2/25, the weather for which was absolutely awful! Very wet,very windy and very cold...struggling to get warm Neil pulled a PB out of the bag finishing 9th in 58:42, faster than his previous best by 1 whole second. The event was won in 55:00 by Chris Rines.

Catford 10 - Sat 24th Apr Q10/19 - posted 04-05-2010
A rather chilly morning, with blue skies and not much wind was what welcomed the riders of this event. 7 first claim members and 4 second claim were down to ride. Unfortunately there were a couple of non-starters. There was some confusion at the end of the event as the last twenty or so riders all had times a minute quicker than expected. This now appears to have been resolved. The first claim members times in order of starting were; Steve Thurgood 24.09 (67th), Matt Preston 25.10 (76th), Neil Stanley DNS, Rob Royston 23.36 (55th), Bob Loader 29.36 (89th), Dave Twin 22.30 (35th) and Ed Rieu 23.24 (53rd). The second claim members times in order of starting were; Simon Stromberg 26.16 (85th), Mark Newton 22.06 (26th), Matt Miles DNS (stuck in Spain) and Andy Beswetherick 23.17 (50th). The overall winner was Pete Tadros In Gear Quickvit RT in 19.23.

Marshals Required! - posted 22-04-2010
The club is due to promote the SERRL 3/4 event on the Lamberhurst/Frant circuit on 9th May. Marshals and helpers at the hall required. The event starts at 09:30 and is 100Km so the race should take approx 2.5 hrs. Home in time for lunch! If you can help please get in touch with Richard Birtwhistle on 01689 836594 ASAP.

Farnborough & Camberley 25 on H25/8 Sat 17th Apr - posted 20-04-2010
The sun and some warmth made it a pleasant welcome back to Hampshire to ride on this rolling course. Three Sydenham riders were down to ride but unfortunately Neil Stanley was a none starter. Rob Royston was first of the remaining two to start and finished with a 1.01.05. Dave Twin recorded a 59.18. Second claim member Mark Newton was getting some form back with a 56.52. The overall event winner was S. Walkling of VC Raphael with a 51.19.

West Kent RC/DCB Demelza RT 10 Sat 17th Apr - posted 20-04-2010
Neil Stanley's DNS at the Farnborough & Camberley 25 on Saturday afternoon was explained after a browse through the results on the CTT website. Turns out he rode the West Kent RC/DCB Demelza RT 10 in the morning instead. This was held on the Q10/22 Harrietsham course. Neil finished 17th with 24.39. Mike Piper of San Fairy Ann won with 21.30.

Sydenham Open 25 Result From 4th April - posted 19-04-2010
Big thank you to all those that turned out to assist with the running of this event! Full result HERE.

April Fool - Cracking Turnout! - posted 31-03-2010
What a fantastic turnout for the first club time trial of the year which bodes really well for the new Inter-Club setup! There were also some less than shabby times given the awful weather we've had to contend with that has put many peoples training back. Apologies it took a few days to get the result onto the website, thats the price you pay for a big turnout...lots of typing. The full result can be found on the 'Events' page.

SERRL 80Km 3/4 Biddenden Sun 28/03 - posted 31-03-2010
The first SERRL road event of the year was contested by a full field of 60 with Matt & Dan Lucas providing the Sydenham representation. The weather was dry, there was little wind on the day and with Biddenden being a flattish (read fast) course there was always the possibility of the race staying together for a bunch gallop. True to form this was the way it panned out, the few attempts to get way including one by Matt accompanied by Richard Friend (Gemini BC) came to nothing with the majority of riders seemingly content to keep things together. The final lap was a treacherous affair with at least 3 crashes and kerb to kerb chaos from 1.5km to go. A London Phoenix rider did clip off the front with about half a lap to go and its not clear whether he was hauled back, however with the winner being Chris Dick (London Phoenix) is possible he wasn't. Matt and Dan finished 'safely' in the bunch around the mid teens.

VC Elan Hilly 22 Rescheduled - posted 09-03-2010
Fans of the traditional early season tests on sporting courses will be pleased to hear that the VC Elan 22 that had to be cancelled on 28th February has been rescheduled and will now take place on 18th April. There are still plenty of places left for those wanting a ride and the organiser has confirmed they can accept entries up to about 10 days in advance of the event (i.e. 8th April).

First Results Are In - posted 09-03-2010
The East Surrey Hardriders always lived up to its name and this years version was run in freezing conditions with ice, wind and potholes adding to the excitment. There were three sydenham riders in the field and if there was a prize for 'closest grouping of riders from the same team' we would have won it! The times on the board were:
28th Richard Hallett 01:21:16
31st Robert Royston 01:22:18
33rd Ed Rieu 01:23:16

The event was won by Sigma's Wouter Sybrandy in 01:07:44.

Reliability Rescheduled - posted 16-02-2010
Unfortunately we had to cancel the reliability at the weekend due to the bad weather, the good news is that the decision has been made to run the event in a few weeks time on Sunday 7th March. No doubt there are plenty of you out there who have not done as many long steady rides as you would have liked, given the weather we have had recently, so here's your chance to redress the balance a little. Please spread the word!

Course Change For April Fool - posted 16-02-2010
Please note that due to planned road works on the A25, and the resulting traffic diversion along Chevening Road, this event has moved from G10/38 Sundridge course to the Q10/18 Polhill course.

Reliability Entry & Route Forms - posted 09-02-2010
It's less than a week to the Sydenham reliability event, the hardest of the series (we think). Combined entry and route forms for both distances can be found below.


Calorie Deficit - posted 26-01-2010
Anyone who is attending the club lunch this Saturday and would like to do so with a calorie deficit should be aware that Rob Royston is organising pre-eat ride with exactly that intention. Weather permitting this will start at 9:30 at the bottom of Polhill and the intended route will take in local lumps - Row Dow/One Tree/Hubbards/Toys.