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Club News - 2008

Eager Beavers Take Note - posted 22-12-2008
The CTT have published a provisional calendar for their 2009 events. It can be found by following this LINK .

Presidents Run - Meeting Points Etc - posted 03-11-2008
The General Meeting point for the Claygate Presidents Run are as follows:

For those of you coming from the Orpington/Sevenoaks areas and want to ride in a group. Dave Twin intends meeting up with anyone else who wants to join him at 8.30 at Green Street Green roundabout. They will then make their way out to Seal via Polhill, Otford and Pilgrims Way. The idea is to get to Seal for 9.30 to meet up with anyone else who's interested, outside the Post Office in Seal High Street see MAP.From Seal, the group will then go via Stone Street and Plaxtol to meet everyone else at Hadlow at 10.30. Then everyone will make their way to Claygate.

Social Diary Dates - posted 23-10-2008
Now that the racings mostly over its time to start thinking about piling on those pounds as an excuse for the 'slower than you'd like' times heading your way when the 2009 seasons kicks off. Dates for your Diary:

30th Nov - Presidents Run To Claygate
Start location tbc (normally Hadlow) heading to the White Hart in Claygate. Tables are booked for 12:00 - 12:30 and the menu can be viewed HERE. Priced at £22.50 per person.

17th Jan - Xmas Lunch
This is to be held in the Grasshopper again, the big one on the A25 not the pub on the green in Westerham town centre. The menu can be viewed HERE. Priced at £22.95 per person, with the Grill Room booked for us between 12:30 and 17:00.

Surely no more fun could be had for £45.45 than attending both of these events!

Grand Prix Des Gentlemen - posted 22-10-2008
A last minute call from Keith Coffey (BEC) meant Mark Newton got another chance to get on his TT bike for this unusual end of season 15.4 mile 2 up TT event organised by Redmond CC. A still, bright morning greeted the new partnership on Sun 19th October and after 500m of training / warm up they where ready for the start. Mark was feeling nervous with the impending effort, but as the event panned out had nothing to fear and managed to stay comfortably in Keith’s slipstream. In the end it was not one of Keith’s quickest times as the duo only managed 5th place in a time of 36.50. The event was won in a new course record of 33.11 by R Prebble and B Instone.

Winter Club Runs - posted 22-10-2008
Now that the racing season is all but over for the vast majority of members the traditional sunday club runs have started to take place. Rides start at 09:30 from the layby on the motorway bridge at the bottom of Polhill. Click on this LINK TO MAP for the exact location. If you would like to check/confirm attendance please ring or text Ed Rieu on 07867 537386.

Catford & Bec Hill Climbs on 12th Oct - posted 21-10-2008
Three Sydenham members ventured out on Sunday morning to scale the heights of Yorks Hill for the 113th Catford Hill Climb. Mark Newton was first off recording 2.43.1, James Walker followed in a time of 2.49.9 and last of the three Andy Ross recorded a very respectable 2.28.4. The event was won by Jody Crawford 1.54.0. Having clearly enjoyed the morning immensely our guys could be heard spreading the word of what a wonderful variant of our sport hill climbing has become.....

"I am never going to ride that hill again – going down the hill to the start staying on the bike was hard enough !" - Mark Newton

BEC Hill Climb
Only Mark Newton was foolish enough to attempt a second hill climb in one day the BEC event on White Lane, he managed 2.28.03. Event was won by Daniel Lloyd 1.46.44

VTTA Q50/11 – Novis Cup - posted 22-09-2008
Two club members faced off for a gladiatorial fight over the Novis Cup on the flat Q50/11 Lydd/Brenzett course. Bob Loader was the first off on what seemed like a windless day in the car park, however once on the coastal course the wind blew hard, Bob still managed a credible 2.37.02. Mark Newton was off seven minutes behind Bob and struggled in the windy conditions recording 2.00.17 but gained enough advantage on handicap to win the battle for the Novis Cup. Andy Meilak won the event with 1.52.48

Hounslow and District Wheelers 25TT on H25/8 - posted 22-09-2008
Mark Newton rounded off a fine season of time trialing with 4th place (00:55:32) in this open event nr Bentley Surrey. The event winner was Steve Dennis of East Grinstead CC in 00:52:24.

London Cross League - Round 1 - posted 22-09-2008
Three members of the club turned out for this league opener at Herne Hill on a gloriously sunny and most un-cyclo cross like Sunday. Christopher Mulford competing in the U10's, David Mulford and Matt Lucas in the seniors. The 'Best Of The Sydenham' award went to young Christopher Mulford who got 13th place in his event. Matt suffering from a bout of 'involuntary dismount syndrome' for the second time in the space of two weeks came off twice managing eventually to roll in 25th in the senior event. David who apparently hadn't intended to ride but inspired by his lads performance decided to give it a crack came in a little further back on GC with his exact position TBC.

Herne Hill Evening Cyclo Cross - Race 3 - posted 12-09-2008
The last of these pre-season leg stretchers extracted the best performance to date from Matt Lucas. Riding against a stronger field than in Round 1 he managed to repeat his top 10 placing, scraping into single figures for 9th place on GC. Staying upright this week helped considerably! Full results for all three rounds available on VC Londres website.

Herne Hill Evening Cyclo Cross - Race 2 - posted 05-09-2008
Riding this event for the second week in a row Matt was hopeful of an improvement on the previous week. However things didn't quite go to plan. The course was run in the reverse direction eliminating any advantage of having ridden the week before. Despite a better start this week, which placed Matt about 8th at the end of the first lap things went rapidly down hill. Seemingly unable to get to grips with the technical section Matt started to take some risks in order to maintain his position, there were a few close shaves however the fatal error was attempting to bunny hop the board obstacle. His next recollection was being untangled from his machine by a kindly spectator and hearing the words “You alright mate? You going to carry on?”. Deciding that the only thing more embarrassing than the crash would be to abandon in a huff, he resumed the race, slightly battered and bruised, to come in a surprising 13th overall.

16/08/08 Epsom cc G10/57 - posted 02-09-2008
Mark Newton was the only Sydenham rider entered for the event down on the Broadbridge Heath multi roundabout course recording a time of 21.48 for 8th place. The event was won by Ben Instone www.scientific-coaching.com in 20.02

Weekend of 23rd / 24th August - posted 02-09-2008
Back to back 25 mile TTs was Mark Newton’s Bank Holiday weekend enjoyment as he travelled the South of England chasing a quick end of season time. Saturday afternoon was a trip to Bentley for the H25/8 where he had to contend with a deceptively strong wind but recorded a commendable time of 55.22 (18th place). Ed Rieu also rode in a time of 1.01.48 (83rd place), the event was won by Richard Prebble GS Strada in 51.27. Sunday meant Mark was up early travelling north to Newmarket for Redbridge event on E2/25, the weather was horrid a strong blustery wind and rain. Mark recorded a slower time that the previous day of 55.51 (20th place). Bob Loader also braved the weather recording a time of 1.10.58, the event was won by Richard O’Rourke 51.14

Herne Hill Evening Cyclo Cross - Race 1 - posted 29-08-2008
After a year out of any sort of competitive cycling Matt Lucas made a tentative return to competition in the form of this evening cyclo-cross race at Herne Hill on Wed 27th August. Not the gentlest of re-introductions into competition you might think, and you'd be right! Battered, bruised and blistered Matt thrashed his way around, miraculously staying upright for the whole race to come in 9th overall. 1 lap down on the winner Stuart Bowers of Scott UK. Full result available via VCL Website.

Tracking Down Luke Evans - posted 29-08-2008
Luke has been mixing it up a bit this year combining off road ruff stuff with super smooth track racing. He and Andy Kay rode an MTB race at Fowlmead in June with Luke finishing in the 20's and Andy coming in 4th (we think). Luke has also ridden the Southdowns way over the summer. Those roadie purists out there who may not be familiar with this 100+ mile MTB epic it's basically Eastbourne to Winchester off road and up and down every climb the North Downs have to offer. Towards the end of the season Luke has been doing some evening events on the track at Preston Park, Brighton. Riding primarily in the Senior A and Senior B groups. His track season ended in style on Wed 13th Aug in the Senior A and B 8 lap scratch race. Apparently he caught the field napping with a lap and a half to go and solo'd to victory!

Anerley BC 50 TT - 10th August - posted 21-08-2008
Mark Newton and Robert Royston successfully negotiated 45 roundabouts in the Anerley Bicycle Club's 50-mile event at Broadbridge Heath, Sussex, on Sunday. Mark was one of just five riders to go under two hours recording 01.58.28, good enough for 3rd place. Rob came in a very respectable 12th in 02:06:10. Two good rides on a hard day with strong winds. The event winner was Keith Coffey from the BEC in 1.51.38.

** Look KEO Product Recall ** - posted 15-08-2008
If you ride LOOK KEO pedals please be aware that there is a fault with some of the models with chromoly axles. The affected pedals are being recalled for a free axle replace. The advice from Look is not to ride on them! See this article on Bike Radar for more info.

New Website Gallery - posted 12-08-2008
Finally many of you may cry....we have a gallery on the website. A link to to Gallery will shortly be added to every page, however if you can't wait click HERE! .

Team Economic Energy 12th July E2/10 - posted 17-07-2008
Mark Newton travelled North tempted by the potential fast time on the E2 course. Mark found himself warming up with time trialing legends Michael Hutchinson, Ian Cammish and Chaz Hollosi amongst the 150 riders in the event. The weather conditions were not ideal as there was a strong cross wind, Mark battled hard to complete the course in a time of 21.41 (19th place) and winning the group numbers 2 and 7 competition. Michael Hutchinson won in 19.48

Agiskoviner.com 50 on H8/50 - posted 16-07-2008
The more social able start times of the Agiskoviner.com 50 on H8/50 drew in four Sydenham riders, Ed Rieu was first off completing the two and half laps of the A31 in 2.03.36, Bob Loader next off in a time of 2.30.31 followed by Robert Royston who completed the course in 2.01.51. Mark Newton last man away and only a minute behind Robert was chasing hard, he had targeted the event for a fast time, the course and weather did not disappoint as Mark recorded a PB of 1.53.08 (6th place). The event was won by Laurence Harding of agiskoviner in 1.47.15.

ECCA 100 on Sun 6th July on E2/100 - posted 14-07-2008
With a massive low pressure over the country and forecasts of high wind and possible heavy rain, four mad members of the club still ventured up to Ugley in Essex for the start of this event. With early start times and heavy cloud it was still only semi light when the members set off. Dave Twin was off at 5.09am and was greeted to light rain and a very damp road surface, thankfully a few miles up the road conditions became dry. Once he had passed the slower riders off in front of him he had a very lonely ride, but was keeping a gauge on Ed Rieu at each turn who was gaining fast until near the end when the wheels came off. The wind got up during the morning a took it's toll on the final section back to the finish with everyone commenting on how hard it was. The final result was Dave Twin 4.34.50, Ed Rieu 4.33.55, Rob Royston 4.31.40 and Bob Loader 5.23.07. The overall winner was Ken Platts, Cambridge CC in 3.44.34.

Southborough & Dist 10 At Paddock Wood - posted 04-07-2008
Three club members rode this evening event on Tuesday 1st July. Matt Miles won the event in 00:21:03, Rob Royston did a 00:23:02 and Luke Evans recorded 00:25:03. The style prize however has to go to Luke for turning up in an Astana Team car chauffeur driven by a certain Sean yates.

Matt Show Cavendish The Way - posted 03-07-2008
Matt Miles and Robert Robbins rode the 2/3/4 SERRL event on the Edenbridge circuit on Sunday 29th June. Details of the race are sketchy with the exception of the fact that Matt came out on top of the bunch sprint despite being at the back of the bunch with 500m to go. Robert finished further back in the bunch (40th).

There is a cracking photo of Matt crossing the line in victory on the SERRL home page at the moment. Check it out HERE!

SCCU 50 event on G50/53 - posted 01-07-2008
The club was well represented with 4 riders out of the 122 on the start sheet for the SCCU 50 event on G50/53. The weather was warm but a south-easterly wind blew hindering the journey back from the turn. Mark Newton coped best with the conditions recording 1.54.54 (PB) (7th), Nick Varley breaking the 2 hour barrier 1.59.03 (14th), Bob Loader 2.39.42 and Robert Royston unfortunately DNF. the event was won by Laurence Harding www.agiskoviner.com in 1.49.45

The full result is available Here!

Saturday 14th June H25/8 Farnham RC - posted 18-06-2008
Another PB for Mark who recorded a very quick 54.37 (8th) on this course which takes in sections of the A31 around Bentley, Surrey. A notable name on the results list is Ian O'Hara who recorded 55.10 (10th) with the event winner being Richard Prebble - GS Strada in 51.24.

When Is A 25 Not A 25 - posted 18-06-2008
When its cut short due to road works and ends up approximately 11.4 miles. This is what happened to the GS Invicta 25 which was due to be held on the Q25/8 course on Sunday 15th June. Three club riders made the journey down to this event recording the following times - Mark Newton 25:18 (9th), Robert Royston 26:51 (25th) and Bob Loader 32:52.

KCA 50 - Sun 8th June on Q50/11 - posted 10-06-2008
Six members of the club drove down to Romney Marsh on what was forecast to be the hottest day of the year so far, to compete for the club's Singer Trophy. Once down there they were meet with overcast sky's and rather windy conditions. The times recorded were as follows:-

Bob Loader 2.40.08, Dave Twin 2.10.06, Robert Royston 2.07.22,Ed Rieu 2.05.40 (PB), Nick Varley 2.01.47 and Mark Newton 1.58.30 (4th overall and trophy winner). The overall winner was Kevin Tye ODLS.com Racing in 1.52.06.

Crawley Wheelers 41.59 on GS/196, Sun 25 May - posted 09-06-2008
Mark Newton and Dave Twin decided to brave driving down to the start at Handcross in the torrential rain. Thankfully by the time of the start it was down to a light drizzle and once out on the course it stopped. There was quite a lot of surface water to contend with at the beginning but by half distance the wind was already starting to dry the roads out. Mark riding the course for the first time finished with a very quick 1.42.01 (3rd), which included un-shipping his chain at the start. Dave finished with a 1.50.07. The event was won by Steve Dennis, East Grinstead CC in 1.37.43.

South Eastern RC 25 - sunday 1st June - posted 09-06-2008
Mark Newton was up early again looking for a quick time on the course that three weeks ago put him close to a PB. As an early starter of the 110 riders he faced light rain, quite a bit of surface water but little wind, and was advised to take care on the many roundabouts of the G25/53 course. Mark took advantage of the early start, thundering around the course smashing his PB by 38 secs to record an incredible 55.48 (9th place). The event was won by Laurence Harding of Agiskoviner in 51.42.

SERRL Stage Race 24th to 26th May - posted 09-06-2008
Matt Miles was the only club member participating in this event of 4 stages spread over the 3 days of the May Bank Holiday weekend. Consitent finishing in and around the top ten in the road race stages combined with a win in the TT resulted in very fine 3rd place in the overall. Having raced 336km over the course of the weekend Matt succinctly describes himself as "chuffed but knackered".

Breakdown of placings:-
Stage 1 - Betteshanger 120km (RR) - 12th.
Stage 2 - Chilham 16km (TT) - 1st.
Stage 3 - Chilham 80km (RR) - 6th.
Stage 4 - Tenderden 120km (RR) - 8th.

Finsbury Park LVRC RR 1st June - posted 09-06-2008
On a rather damp and muggy morning Dave Twin traveled up to Blackmore in Essex to venture back into the world of road racing. The joy of not having to get up at a ridiculous hour was soon put into context as the 70 strong pack swept through sweeping bends covered in surface water at 25mph+. Thankfully as the 7 and half laps passed the conditions began to improve. Andy Meilak went away on the first lap and was not seen for the next 3, helped by the pack not really wanting to work together to close the gap, however he eventually ran out of steam and was caught. There was a lot of attacking, but due to the relatively flat circuit nobody was able to get off the front for long. However eventually 4 riders did manage it with just over a lap to go and stayed away. Dave finished in the first half of the bunch sprint.

Worthing Excelsior 25, Sun 18th May - G25/53 - posted 19-05-2008
The general discussion back at the hall was how hard the first 5 miles and the final section was due to the wind. Times generally were down on previous recent events held on the same course. This has got to be good news for Ed Rieu who, despite the tougher conditions, did a slightly quicker time than a couple of weeks ago with a 1.01.19. Dave Twin recorded a 1.01.03. The event was won by Guy Powdrill of London Dynamo in 54.35.

Medway Velo 25 on Sun 18th May - Q25/ 8 - posted 19-05-2008
The wind played a big factor blowing the competitors from Canterbury to Ashford, but the home leg from Ashford to the finish was brutal against the strong blustery wind. However this did not stop the two competing Sydenham riders gaining top ten finishes, Mark Newton 57.40 (6th place) and Nick Varley 58.22 (9th place). The event was won by K Tye of ODLS.com racing 55.15.

Norwood Paragon CC 25 - Sun 11th May G25/53 - posted 13-05-2008
Mark Newton was given a special pass by Ed to race instead of marshalling the Frant road race, this opportunity was taken with relish by Mark who recorded a seasons best time 56.31 on only 4 seconds outside his PB0. If only the two lorries had not slowed Mark to a stop on one of the courses many roundabouts his PB would have been smashed ! The event was won by Laurence Harding of www.agiskoviner.com in 51:17 who apparently had no issues with lorries.

De Laune 10 - Sat 10th May on Q10/22 - posted 12-05-2008
On a beautiful morning with a slight rising wind that was against you on the way back, two out of three Sydenham riders down to ride actually made the most of the conditions. So whilst Bob was off sorting out the marquee for his 75th birthday family celebrations Dave Twin recorded 24.08 and Mark Newton a very impressive 22.08. The event was won by Pete Tadros of InGear Quickvit RT in 21.16 and that's with a bad knee!

Smashing The Course Record - posted 08-05-2008
Matt Miles and Bob Loader rode the VTTA 10 on Wednesday 7th May. The event was held on the Q10/38 course which sees the riders race through some small country lanes on the outskirts of Ashford. The club duo recorded times of 00:22:52 and "approx 30 minutes". The faster of these two was good enough to win the event and smash the course/event record by 35 seconds. Clearly Bob was having an off day as you may be surprise to learn that the faster of these two times was actually Matts!!

Charlotteville CC 50 on H50/8 4th May - posted 06-05-2008
Three Sydenham riders left the relatively slow courses of Kent and headed west to Bentley in Hampshire for the H50/8 in search of a fast 50 miles. Richard Hallett led the way scrapping under 2 hours 1:59:12 (21st), Mark Newton was next off chasing hard and recorded a PB at 1:55:10 for 10th place and Robert Royston last man off recorded 2:02:26 (25th). The event was won by Nik Bowdler in a course record time of 01:46:20 ! riding a 71 !

KCA 10 Sunday 4th May on the Q10/22 - posted 06-05-2008
The sun was out there wasn't a lot wind and as a result the times were very respectable for this rolling course. There should have been three Sydenham riders in the event but both Matt Miles (Apologies) and Nick Varley (went to wrong hall), this left Dave Twin who finished with a 23.53 to finish 17th. Phil Bull V.C.Elan won, beating his nearest rival by a minute with a 21.01.

Full result sheet Here!

SERRL Bennenden Cranbrook 4th May - posted 06-05-2008
Expanding the boundries of his current road campaign Robert Robbins swapped the closed circuit of Hillingdon for the open roads of Kent riding this 3/4/W/J event. A full field of 60 riders and good weather meant this 100km event was run off in brisk 2hrs 40min. The race saw a breakaway group form on the first lap which triggered a flurry of activity from the pack with riders going up the road in pursuit with many being clawed back making the situation on the road difficult to read. Unaware that there were remnants of that opening break still up the road Rob contested the sprint up the drag to the finish coming in a creditable 9th overall and securing 2 points on his new 3rd Cat licence.

April 26th & 27th Round Up - posted 01-05-2008
On a weekend when the whether was pretty non-descript, not windy, not wet but not great either there was a fair amount of activity on the racing front and some good performances.

Catford 10 Q10/22 - 26/04/2008
Three riders rode this event, Matt Miles recorded 00:21:12 (2nd), Mark Newton 00:22:36 (15th), Nick Varley 00:23:01 (22nd). The event winner was Phill Bull of VC Elan in 00:21:09. The sydenham trio won the team prize.

Addiscombe 25 G25/53 - 27/04/2008
The club also had three entrants for this event which was won by Paul Mill in an time of 00:53:37. Fastest of the Sydenham guys was Mark Newton in 00:57:09 (15th) then came Ed Rieu in 01:01:31 (46th) and then Bob Loader, probably still recovering from those hedonistic birthday celebrations in the Bricklayers Arms on the previous Thursday, "carbo loading" he claims, came in 01:15:49 (108th).

Race Win & 3rd Cat Licence For Robert - posted 01-05-2008
Rob Robbins finally got the rewards of a steady road campaign on the Hillingdon circuit over the last few weeks. His previous best results were a 4th place and a 10th place, however clearly he's got the venue, and the competition, sussed going for an early one on the last lap to claim the victory by a bike legth from the chasing bunch. Getting your first road race win and moving moving up a category in the process sounds like a good weekends work in anyones book!

A 10 And A 25 On The Same Day - posted 22-04-2008
Saturday Morning
Mark Newton rode the East Sussex CA 10 on G10/87 up and down a very wet and windy A22 through Upper and Lower Dicker where he recorded a time of 22.57 which was good enough for 6th place. The event was won by Christen Yates in 22.02.

Saturday Afternoon
Mark, Ed and Nick rode the Farnborough and Camberley CC 25 H25/8 up and down a windy A31. Nick did a very respectable 58.08 (12th), Nick 58.57 (24th) and Ed (36th) 01.01.30. The event was won by L Harding 53.13!

Sydenham Open 25 On Q25/20 - posted 22-04-2008
A misty morning with a rising wind is what greeted the riders as they set off from the start in the slip road by Marley Tile. While a number of the members helped with marshalling duties etc, three others actually rode. Rob Royston was the first on the course returning with a time of 1.04.04. Ed Rieu was next finishing with 1.03.38 (although be believes he went a minute faster). Dave Twin was last off and ended up with a 1.02.48. The winner was Paul Mill of Edwards Cycles in 54.52 (course record on new version of this course).

Matt Miles Results Round Up - posted 18-04-2008
Matts exceptional good form continues and there is no let up on the results:
1st in VTTA 10 on 21st March Full Result Here
1st in Southern Counties 10 (SPOCO SE)on 6th April
8th in Maldon E/1/2/3 Road Race. Check out the conditions in these Photos

34th Nomads Hilly - Report from Duncan - posted 15-04-2008
On a fine and fairly warm morning Tony Draper and Les Clarke made a fine Nomad sandwich in the club Hilly; taking first and last place. Kristian Cave said he would gone a lot quicker had he not had to wait for his Dad Steve on all the hills. Steve Cave was riding "shotgun" behind behind Kristian; presumably in training for the Redmon GP in ten years time. Steve and Kristian completed the "Tour of Flanders" sportive last week, climbing many of the bergs that are part of the Pro event, not bad for a fouteen year old. Of course, once again, Kristian had to wait for Steve on all the hills. Congratulations.Everybody seemed quite pleased with their times.Many thanks to Duncan for putting out and collecting the signs (that's one more lap than the riders), Paddy and Bob Loader for marshalling and Norman for being pusheroff and spotter. Timekeeper was me. All we need next year is a few more Nomads out. President Richard (with his aide de camp Pete) graced us with his presence after the event proclaiming "Today is a training day" before preceeding off in the general direction of Hastings.

Full rider placings have been published and are accessible via the calendar on the 'Events' page.

KCA 3Up Q25/12 - posted 17-03-2008
On a morning best suited for staying in bed rather than cycling a 25 mile 3 up TT, a strong Sydenham team of the in form Mark Newton, Matt Miles and Nick Varley ventured out to Brenzett for the re-routed (due to Operation stack) KCA event on Q25/12. The rain was coming down hard and the cold was starting to bite as Team Sydenham made its way to the start line. Matt set a fast early pace and the trio soon found their rhythm, warmed up and settle down for a full on wet ride. They made good progress on the outward leg only slowing down to pass an ambulance dealing with the consequence of a "touching wheels" incident. Pushing for home from the turn with the wind in their faces, the threesome crossed the line together to finish in a time of 55.03 good enough for an excellent second place. The event was won in 54.08 by Neil Archibald, Gary Birch and Phil bull of VC Elan/Harry Perry Cycles.

East Surrey Hardriders 29.9 - 09.03.2008 - posted 12-03-2008
After heavy rain and strong winds on the previous day the riders at start were met by sunshine and rather damp roads. The club was well represented with 6 riders and they paid off when it came to the results. Mark Newton did another storming ride to record 1.10.16 (4th), Nick Varley 1.14.48 (15th), Richard Hallett 1.16.18 (20th) Dave Twin 1.17.59 (34th), Ed Rieu 1.21.58 (46th) and Bob Loader 1.37.20 (75th). In the process the club won both the scratch (Mark, Nick and Richard) with an aggregate time of 3.41.22 and the age standard (Mark, Richard and Bob) with a total plus of 21.21. The overall event was won by Matt Bottrill, De Rosa RT in 1.07.25 setting a new course record in the process.

See links for RTTC posted result and pictures.
Click here for full result - CTT
Click here for photos.

Sussex CA 22.8m TT - posted 04-03-2008
Starting this season possibly going even faster than he was at the end of last year Mark Newton rode this sporting event on the undulating GS/194 course. Riding without the aid of this bike computer which packed up just before the start he recorded a superb time of 57.24 which was good enough for 2nd place! The only man to go faster was Tim Mardall who recorded a time of 56.21. I sense an open win on the cards for Mark some time soon.....no pressure!

Redhill CC Sporting TT GS/478 - posted 01-03-2008
Richard Hallett and Mark Newton's 2008 TT season commenced with 70 other early season riders in near perfect conditions but with some challenging and slippery roads on Redhill CC Sporting TT GS/478 (18 miles). Mark recorded a respectible 44.09 for joint 4th place and Richard 45.38 (12th), the event was won by Dave Dent Wightlink / Wight Mountain RT in 42.08

Reliability Route - posted 14-02-2008
If you want to get a preview as to what you are letting yourself in for this sunday Click Here! for full details of both the 64k and 107k routes.

New Message Forum - Trial - posted 14-02-2008
Many people have requested that we set up a club message forum via the website. The link below is to a free message forum service that we would like to trial. Access to the message forum is password protected and the password will be sent out to all club members. If you would like to have access to the forum but don't have the password please contact us using the 'Email Us' links at the top of the page. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

View my Message Board
Free Forums by Bravenet.com

First Result Of 2008 - posted 04-02-2008
The award for the first competitive points of the year goes to Rob Robins. Showing a very good turn of form in the Hell Of The Ashdown sportif, 12th fastest home on the 100k route in 3hrs 53 min, Rob has turned his attentions to shorter and faster events getting a 4th place in the 4th Cat race at Hillingdon on Saturday (02/02/2008).

Busy Week Coming In February - posted 16-01-2008
There are some important dates for the club coming up in February so put the following in your diary:
Tue 12th Feb - Club AGM, Bricklayers Arms 8pm.
Sat 16th Feb - 2007 Prize Presentation & Lunch. Grasshopper, Westerham 2pm.
Sun 17th Feb - Club Reliability Ride, Knockholt Village Hall 9am.