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Club News - 2006

London X League - posted 03-11-2006
The London Cyclo Cross League has now completed 6 rounds and Luke Evans has already competed in three of these:
Round 4 - Rainham - 28th
Round 5 - Dears Leap Pk, East Grinstead - 19th
Round 6 - PORC - 19th overall, 2nd Vet.
Watch out for that top 15 peformance in the coming weeks, which would be indicitive of a v.good ride in this series!

Mark Rides The Bec - posted 26-10-2006
On a pretty disgusting wet and windy autumn day 74 mad men turned out to ride the Evans/Pinnacle Bec Hill Climb up White Lane nr Westerham. The large crowds watched Bill Bell (Gemini) and Gary Dodd (Sigma) share joint honours in a time of 01:49:17 (thats 1 minute 49.17 seconds). Sydenhams very own Mark Newton was the only member of the club to ride coming in 49th in a respectable 02:42:9.

2006 Club 10 - Points Comp - posted 05-10-2006
Now that the Club 10's have finished for the year below is the points total for all riders whom competed in at least one qualifying event. Only Dave Twin managed to ride the full 8 qualifying events, however rumour has it Rob Royston was plotting a late charge only to have his plans scuppered by bad whether and roadworks which forced the cancellation of a couple of events.

David Twin	72 (9,10,9,8,8,9,9,10)
Robert Royston	52 (8,8,7,10,10,9)
Ian O'Hara	49 (9,10,10,10,10)
Ed Rieu		44 (5,8,6,8,8,9)
Matt Lucas	38 (10,9,9,10)
Richard Hallet	29 (9,10,10)
Luke Evans	29 (6,6,8,9)
Mark Newton	21 (7,7.7)
Mike Thorogood	16 (6,10)
Harry Royston	15 (4,3,8)
Jamie Walker	13 (7,6)
Matt Preston	13 (3,5,5)
Mark Yeulett	 9 (9)
Dominic Whitten	 9 (4,5)
Wayne Johnson	 8 (8)
Andy Fruin	 7 (7)
Dave Mulford	 7 (3,4)
Derek Taylor	 6 (6)
Dave Fleming	 5 (5)

Epsom CC 2Up 01/10/2006 - posted 04-10-2006
It was a damp morning with a stiff breeze when Mark Newton and Dave Twin set off around this course full of roundabouts. The duo rode well together with Mark having the advantage up the drags and Dave on the descents due to his disc. In the process they caught Bob Loader and Marsyse Chapman for 12 minutes in the earlier starting tandem event (It wasn't until later it was discovered they had suffered from 3 punctures during the event and eventually packed). Mark and Dave crossed the finish line with a very respectable 58.23. There weren't many results on the board at the time of leaving.

Redbridge CC 25 (E4/25) 28/08/2006 - posted 29-08-2006
Dave Twin and Mark Newton ventured just the other side of the Dartford Tunnel to ride this reasonably flat course. Standing in the headquarters car park there didn't appear to be much wind. Once on the course though you soon realised this was false, with a tailwind on the way out and a headwind on the return. Mark made good use of his new time trial machine recording a personal best by over 5 minutes of 59.04 and take the best improvement prize. Dave came in with a 1.00.07. The overall event was won by Michael Hutchinson, In Gear Quickvit RT in 51.57.

South Bucks 10 19/08/06 - posted 29-08-2006
Mark Yeulett rode this event recording a time of 00:22:37 giving him equal 8th with John Woodburn. The event was won by Meurig James of Willesden CC in 00:21:17.

2nd Overall in Cycles Dauphin 3Day - posted 29-08-2006
Ian O'Hara rode this 3 day event over the bank holiday weekend and missed out on top honours by just 16 seconds! Putting in solid performances in the first two stages, winning the individual time trial taking the overall leaders jersey in the process, Ian was subsequently pipped to the post on the final stage which finished with the climb of Leith Hill. He crossed the line 7th on the stage and 2nd overall. Another terrific ride from Ian.

He may wear a Citihub kit but we know he's one of us!

Open Win For O'Hara - posted 24-08-2006
About bl**dy time some would say, Ian got is first open win in the San Fairy Ann 10 on the Q10/22 course on Saturday 12th August. This underlines a pretty impressive return to form for Ian who only a few months ago was off the bike completely with a broken collar bone. Ian completed the course in 00:22:41, with Kevin Tye (Poshbikes.com) 2nd in 00:22:42 and Lee Turner (Sigma Sport) 3rd in 00:23:05.

Inter-Club Hilly June 24th - posted 14-08-2006
The Sydenham Wheelers Promoted an Inter-Club Hilly on Saturday June 24th. This was on a course dreamt up by Bob Loader based on our Hilly Course GS/310 Ide Hill, Hubbards Hill, Goathurst Common, with an additional loop finishing up Baileys Hill. In all 21 miles.
The result was:
Pos. Rider Club 1st Lap 12.1m Finish 21 m
1 Anthony Draper '34 Nomads 0.32.09* 0.57.18
2. Mark Newton Sydenham 0.34.55 1.02.29
3. Paddy Bowe '34 Nomads 0.35.46 1.03.24
4. Ed Rieu Sydenham 0.37.54 1.07.49
Anthony's 1st lap time is a new record for the part of the circuit used for the early season hilly, beating Matt Lucas' time of 32.32 set in April this year.

KCA 10 - Appledore on 15th July - posted 02-08-2006
It was a hot afternoon when just one of the three club members who had pre-entered arrive to compete in this event which was held on the Q10/33 course. Rob Royston and Graham Ward were unable to attend leaving Luke Evans as the sole Sydenham representative. The 10 mile course starts with a short climb, followed by a long decent before turning tight left onto undulating roads all the way to the chequered flag. Luke Evans did a very respectable time of 24:04 winning a Gold Medal for Best Improvement On Time and secured 12th place overall.

Crawley Wheelers 10 TT open Saturday 29th July - C - posted 31-07-2006
It was a pleasant sunny morning when the early starters set off. Three of our members from the club were there to ride the event (Ian O'Hara, Dave Mulford and Graham Ward). Dave Mulford was the first of the Sydenham riders to set off and was the first '10' open event of the year for him. He returned a very respectable time of 25:29. The second Sydenham rider to set off was Graham Ward who finished with a time of 24:58. With Ian O'Hara completing the trio. Ian came 5th overall, completing the 10 mile course in a very impressive 21:04. The overall event was won by P. Mill of Team Edwards/Elitecy in 19:56.

Bec 10 TT G10/42 on 8th July - posted 25-07-2006
Mark Newton was the only Sydenham rider in this 10 mile event on the Holmewood course in Surrey. His time of 24:28 in the windy conditions was good enough for 25th overall, the event being won by Michael Hutchinson InGear Quickvit RT in 20:12, almost a full minute clear of the rest of the field with Steve Dennis of East Grinstead CC getting closest at 21:11.

Southborough & Dist Whlrs 25 on 23/07/06 G25/89 - posted 24-07-2006
It was a warm muggy morning when three members of the club appeared in front of the starter. This course is based on the A22 heading south from Maresfield and rolls a bit. The wind got up while the riders were out on the course making it harder for the return leg. Luke Evans did a 1.05.53, Dave Twin 1.01.17 and Robert Royston 57.57 (8th). The overall event was won by James Dear of In Gear - Quickvit in 54.33.

SERC 25 Horsham 4th June - posted 19-06-2006
It was a bright calm morning with a slight chill in the air when Robert Royston, Dave Twin and Ed Rieu all started off within 8 minutes of one another. Ian O'hara started nearly an hour later. Robert Royston was the fastest Sydenham member with a 59.07 (including nearly going wrong on one roundabout), Dave Twin did a 59.19, Ian O'hara 1.00.16 and Ed managed to go wrong on the same roundabout as Robert so was a DNF. This was a great shame as he recorded a 1.01.44 and allowing for the short section he missed out he would beaten his PB of 1.04.58. The overall winner was Ray Hughes of Clarence Wheelers in 53.08. Full result HERE!

KCA 50 on Q50/11 11th June - posted 19-06-2006
It was a sunny, warm morning with only a light breeze when the early starters set off. This got up slightly later in the event, but still weren't bad considering that the course had to be changed to 2 circuits of the Brenzett-Camber-Lydd Brenzett course. This was due to road works on the Hamstreet by-pass. Four members of the club were there to fight out for the Singer Trophy. Bob Loader did a 2.31.57, Dave Twin a 2.04.57, Robert Royston continued his recent good form with a 2.00.11. Ian O'Hara did a very impressive 1.59.15 to give him a PB and take the trophy in the process. The overall event was won by Paul Burrows Kent Cycles RC in 1.52.16.

Medway Velo 25 Q25/8 21st May - posted 22-05-2006
The threatened rain and windy conditions weren't as bad on the morning as expected. The threat though was enough for there to be a few non-starters. The damp roads also resulted in a number of punctures and at least one person taking a closer view or the tarmac than he wanted! The three Sydenham riders who started recorded the following times: Ed Rieu 1.04.58, Dave Twin 1.01.17 and Matt Lucas 1.00.09. The overall winner was Paul Burrows Kent Cycles RC in 56.46.

Catford Open 10 Q10/19 13th May - posted 21-05-2006
On what can only be described as a good day the club's riders turned in some results that were rather close. Mike Thorogood did 22.01, Rob Royston 22.16 (proving that all this audax riding is paying off), Dave Twin 22.19 and Mark Newton 23.39. The overall event was won Pete Tadros of In Gear Quickvit R.T. in 19.53.

Wigmore Open 25 Q25/8 14th May - posted 21-05-2006
In blustery conditions, our club turned out some very respectable times, but due to the quality field attracted by the very good prize list, they were placed a way down the field. Thanks to all that audax riding, Rob Royston was the fastest member in 1.00.35 (23rd), Mike Thorogood did 1.00.44 (24th), Matt Lucas 1.00.46 (26th), Dave Twin 1.01.46 (37th) and Mark Newton 1.04.27 (43rd). The overall event was won by Paul Mill of Team Edwards in 54.34.

Eastway Provides Rich Pickings For Dave - posted 27-04-2006
If your racing at Eastway in the near future make sure you follow Mr Flemings wheel. He has clearly got this venue sussed. After his triumphs in the SE White Jersey series on Good Friday he then went on to secure 2nd place at Eastway on Easter Sunday. Clearly not happy with 2nd, the following week on Sunday 23rd April after being up at unsociable hour to marshall the clubs Open 25 TT at Harrietsham, he made his way to Eastway to notch up a first place!!

Luke was also riding at Eastway this day and according to LondonCycleSport.com came in 20th place, 8th in the 'A' age category. Full London CycleSport.com result HERE!

Horsham Cycling 14.6m Sporting TT - posted 27-04-2006
Robert Royston rode this event on the 23rd April getting 6th place in 00:35:27. The event was won by Rob English of AW Cycles in 00:32:40.

Crawley Wheelers 41.2 mile sporting TT 14/04/06 - posted 20-04-2006
Bob Loader was the first Sydenham rider off on this early season classic. After suffering a puncture and having problems getting his tub off he eventually recorded a 2.28.19. Dave Twin was next off and slightly improved on last year with a 1.45.56. Richard Hallett followed with a 1.42.57 (winning the vets on std with +25.22) and Matt Lucas recorded a 1.48.25 having un-shipped his chain once and been suffering with a cold. The winner was Jason White of JD cylces in 1.37.21.

KCA 25 held 9th April 2006 (St Nicholas at Wade) - posted 20-04-2006
Mike Thorogood came 7th with 59.26. The winner was Paul Smith Shaftesbury CC in 56.29.

SE White Jersey Series On Good Friday - posted 20-04-2006
Both Dave Fleming and Ed Rieu rode this opening 22 mile Prologue TT, strictly road bikes only, and no tri-bars. Ed rode as a Group A competitor recording a time of 57:34 over the difficult and lumpy course. Dave romped home to first in his age category, Group E, recording 56:06 and having the ego boosting opportunity to start the next race in the white Leaders Jersey!! If ever there was a man who didn't need a white jersey to show of its tan its Dave...life is just so un fair.

Gemini Crits at Eastway 9th April - posted 19-04-2006
Dave Fleming got his Road Racing season off to a start in this event on the soon to be sorely missed Eastway Circuit. Apparently riding to check his fitness he managed 6th overall and 4th in his age group, so it looks like the fitness is not a problem.

Medway Velo 10 Q10/19 8th April 2006 - posted 13-04-2006
Sydenham Wheelers were well represented in this event on the Tonbridge bypass on Saturday morning. Michael Thorogood, Ian O'Hara, Dave Twin, Robert Royston and Harry Royston all rode this event in pretty dodgy conditions managing 7th (22:16), 11th (22:40), 19th (23:22), 34th (24:40) and 58th (28:02) respectively. Things did a bit exciting when at one point Mick and Ian were lying 1st & 2nd overall.....but it wasn't to be. Full result available on LondonCycleSport.com

a3crg 25 mile 2Up TTT (02.04.06) P881/25 Greatham - posted 03-04-2006
On yet another blustery day and on damp road two teams were down to ride this event to challenge for the 2-up trophy. Unfortunately due to a heavy chest infection Ian O'Hara was unable to ride. Richard Hallett then road solo to a very respectable 58.47. The other team of Mike Thorogood and Dave Twin finished with a 57.05 (6th), therefore winning the 2 up trophy, even though Dave suffered a number of times thanks to Mike's strength. The overall event was won by Graeme Stirzaker and Ben Instone of a3crg in 51.37.

VTTA (Kent) 10 Q10/28 26-03-06 - posted 28-03-2006
At last the weather turned a bit milder, even though the wind and damp road surface still didn't make feel much like spring. Seven members of the club were entered, six of which rode. Mike Thorogood once again was the fastest with 23.28, Dave Twin did 24.17, Robert Royston 25.00, Tim Morton 26.26, Dave Mulford 27.51and Harry Royston 29.17. Matt Lucas was the non-starter. The scratch event was won by James Stewart Le Coq Sportif - Dolan - SIS with 22.13. The actual vets event was won by Ron Keeble 34 Nomads.

Misc Results - posted 28-03-2006
Some other recent results from club members in recent Time Trial and Road events:-

RTTC Rudy Project Round 1 - Vets Actual - Richard Hallett 13th 27.22 (won by Michael Coyle 24.36)
RTTC Rudy Project Round 1 - Vets Target - Richard Hallett 24th +3.45 (won by John Woodburn +9.02)

Southborough & District 10 18/03/2006 Luke Edwardes-Evans 13th in 25.57 (won by Peter Tadros 23.33)

SERRL at Eastway on 25/03/06 - Mark Newton 16th and Jamie Walker 23rd. LondonCycleSport.com report available Here!

Yeulett Comes 1st & 2nd On Consecutive Weekends - posted 28-03-2006
Using crits to prepare for the TT season Mark Yeulett came first in a Vets event on closed roads on Sunday 19th March. The following Sunday, riding in gale force winds, managed a second place after deciding not to contest the sprint. The TT season starts for Mark this coming weekend when he will be competing in a 10 mile event on a brand new course...report to follow.

Your Club Needs You! - posted 24-03-2006
We have two club run events coming up in the next few months for which we require volunteers to assist with marshalling duties. The events in question are:

(1) Club Open 25 on 23rd April - please contact Ian O'Hara if you can help.
(2) Criterium at Crystal Palace on 9th May - please contact Luke Evans if you can help.

KCA 3 Up 25 TTT 19/03/06 Harrietsham - posted 20-03-2006
33 teams were down on the start, many of them suffering in the stiff, cold cross winds on the day. The Sydenham had three teams: Harry Royston, Dave Mulford and Glyn Tully who recorded 1.27.23. Robert Royston, Mark Newton and Luke Evans with 1.05.20. Mike Thorogood, Ian O'Hara and Dave Twin who 3rd with 1.00.29 picking up bronze medals. The may well have finished 2nd if Dave hadn't been suffering from a slight chest infection! Richard Hallett also rode as a part of a composite team, but pulled out having found Chaz Hollosi efforts a little excessive! The event was won Gary Banfield, Gary Chalkley and Paul Burrows of Kent Cycles R.C. in 56.39.

Croydon & District Sporting 21 TT 19/03/06 - posted 20-03-2006
Matt Lucas was the sole Sydenham rider competing in this sporting 21 mile event, effectively taking in two laps of the Bletchingly road circuit. Sporting a brand new TT bike (ridden for 15 minutes the day before for the first time) and novelty arm warmers (don't ask!) managed a blustery 57:15, which at time of leaving was good enough for about 10th, with a handful riders times o/s. The overall winner was Paul Mill - Edwardes Elite in 51:45. Rumour has it Paul was stuck in 55/14 for most of it due to a mechanical...not sure if 'impressed' or 'depressed' best describes how Matt felt about that!

SERRL At Eastway 18/03/06 - posted 20-03-2006
Mark and Jamie both rode the 4th cat event managing 13th and 17th respectively. Ian O'Hara riding under the Citi Hub banner rode rode the 2/3 event getting 15th overall. Full result available from LondonCycleSport.Com.

VC Elan Hilly 22 12/03/06 - posted 16-03-2006
We now have full details of the Sydenham results from the his sporting event. Mike Thorogood got 5th with a very impressive 58:38, Grant Beerling did a 01:04:45 and Harry Royston won the junior competition with 01:30:58. The event winner was Gary Birch of promoting club VC Elan with 56:45.

Fastest Team On Age Standard Time - posted 16-03-2006
Following on from our previous report on the East Surrey Hardriders event it turns out that in addition to some fine individual performances Sydenham also won this team competition (R.Hallett +5.12, D.Twin +2.03, E.Rieu -2.59).

East Surrey Hardriders 30 12/03/06 - posted 14-03-2006
On yet another very cold morning, but with a wind that wasn't as bad a the previous year's event, 5 members of the club rode this sporting event. The fastest Sydenham rider was Ian O'Hara with 1.14.55 (8th), Richard Hallett did 1.17.01 (13th), Dave Twin 1.18.21 (16th), Ed Rieu 1.24.35 and Luke Evans 1.24.36. Ray Hughes of Clarence Wheelers won with 1.10.45.

Bermudan Shorts - posted 14-03-2006
Normally when we hear from Mark he's bragging about the great whether and glorious racing circuits around the harbour. No so this time, apparently the whether in Bermuda is on the up after 'weeks of wind and rain'......don't complain to us Mark, substitute your weeks for 'months' add 'freezing cold' then you might recall what winter training and early season racing in the UK is like!

On a racing front Mark got is competitive season off to a start on Sunday with a 45 minute crit in which he came a pretty impressive 2nd. Apparently he has another crit lined up for this Sunday, on closed roads apparently, and then plans to get his TT season off to a start on 2nd April with a 10 mile competition.

Crest CC Spring Road Race - 5th March - posted 06-03-2006
Ian O'Hara rode this 8 lap (115km) road race in Essex. A 5 mile neutralised section combined with very cold weather resulted in a break in the first few miles. A break of 8 built a lead of around a minute over the next two laps. Ian jumped away from the break with Kevin Chambers (API/Metrow Foods) and built a lead of around 6 minutes on the bunch. A group of 5 riders got across to Ian and Kevin. With limited remaining energy Ian finished 7th. Full report Here!

San Fairy Ann Crits - 4th March - posted 06-03-2006
Mark Newton rode the 4th Cats event. Apart for a few small breaks the bunch stayed together and ended in a sprint with Mark finishing 16th.
Read LondonCycleSport race report Here!

Ian O'Hara rode the E/1/2 event forcing an early break in the first lap. A group of five stayed away for 15 laps before being caught by the bunch. The race ended in a bunch sprint with Ian finishing 14th.
Read LondonCycleSport report Here!

Sussex Cycling Association 22.8 Hard Riders - posted 06-03-2006
It was the beginning of a new racing season for 4 members of the club who joined Richard Hallett on yet a bright, but rather cold morning to ride this very sporting event. Richard once again showed his early season form with a 59.49 (4th), Mike Thorogood recorded 1.00.49 (6th), Dave Twin 1.04.18, Ed Rieu 1.08.49 and Graham Ward 1.16.26. As a result the club picked up the team prize. The overall event was won by Tim Mardall of V.C.Etoile in 57.32.

Newton Claims He Was Lucky - posted 06-03-2006
Mark Newton managed a very respectable 4th place at Eastway on Saturday 25th February. Denying all allegations of form he is insistent he just 'got lucky' before promptly pointing out how he only missed 3rd by a tyre width, was catching the guy all the way to the line, didn't even stand up for the sprint...... You can draw your own conclusions!!
LondonCycleSport report Here!

San Fairy Ann Crits - posted 20-02-2006
Ian O'Hara, Luke Evans and Jamie Walker have got their road racing seasons off to an early start riding at Eastway on Saturday 18th Feb. Ian managed 20th in the E/1/2 event full result available Here! Luke got 26th in the 3rds event and Jamie 32nd in the 4/W category.

Crawley CC TT : 13/2/06 - posted 13-02-2006
Crawley CC 14.5 mile sporting time trial held on February 11 at Faygate, Surrey.

1st Simon Smythe PCA Ciclos Uno 33.58 2nd Stewart Jardine 21st Century Airports 34.13 3rd Richard Hallett Sydenham Whls 34.36 4th William Girvan North Hampshire RC 34.42 5th Stephen Emmerson Epsom CC 35.43 6th Lee Chaplin Twickenham CC 35.54 7th Kevin Shaw Crawley CC 36.10 8th Darren Clarke Army CU 36.16

U18 - Lewis Eathrowl-Gould Crawley CC 41.08 lady - Angela Brown 21st Century Airports 40.12 Novice - Jed Rock Redhill CC 38.11 Team - 21st Century Airports(S.Jardine, T.Brown, A.Brown) 1.51.09