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Club News - 2005

2006 Reliability Trial Dates - posted 09-11-2005
Bob has manged to get his hands on the current planned dates for next years Reliability Trials. If we hear that they have changed from the dates listed below we will endeavour to issue an update:
15th Jan 2006 - West Kent - Horton Kirby
22nd Jan 2006 -C.C. Bexley - Horton Kirby
29th Jan 2006 -Catford - Halstead
5th Feb 2006 -V.T.T.A. - Depths of Kent???
12th Feb 2006 - Old Portlians - Halstead
19th Feb 2006 -Sydenham - Knockholt

Mike Thorogood- 5th Best In Kent - posted 27-10-2005
According to LondonCycleSport.com Mr Thorogood has achieved 5th place overall in the 2005 Kent Time Trial League full details available through this Link. Another excellent acievement in his first proper season back, the question is what will he manage next year now he's got his eye in.

Lukes Quietly Getting Cross - posted 27-10-2005
Unofficial sources have reported that Luke is having a dabble in the London Cyclo Cross League, having apparently not been put off by riding the three peaks earlier in the year. A detailed search of the internet has uncovered at least two good results:
23/10/2005 PORC 27th place.
16/10/2005 Dears Leap Park East Grinstead 23rd place.

We have even located photographic evidence:

Richards Ascent - posted 27-10-2005
Clearly trying to out do Luke in proving who is prepared to ride cyclings most sadistic winter competion Richard Hallet rode to 46th place in Sundays Catford Hill Climb. A spectacle witnessed by a number of club members who tailored the club run route to watch what is becoming Kents answer to the Alpe d'Huez TT.

Club 10 Points Comp - Final Standings - posted 26-09-2005
Mike Thorogoods superb form this season as resulted in him winning the club TT competition with a maximum 80pts. This underlines a consistent season of excellent performances by Mike, a summary of which will be posted on the site in due course.

Final Standings

1. Mike Thorogood		80 points
2. Ian O'Hara			75 points
3. Dave Twin			72 points
4. Mark Newton			60 points
5. Ed Rieu			51 points
6. Andy Fruin			50 points
   Tim Morton			50 points

Three Peaks - posted 26-09-2005
We haven't heard from Luke since he rode the Three Peaks (probably still laid up in bed recovering) but according to LondonCycleSport.com he came in 164th in 04:34:56. Hopefully we'll have more of the gory details when someone tracks him down.

VTTA (Kent) 50 Sunday 18th September - posted 21-09-2005
Both Mike Thorogood and Dave Twin rode this event which incorporated the VTTA National Championship. The conditions were reasonably good for Romney Marsh with only light winds. Both the Sydenham riders were off early in the field and had to get over the early morning chill to get into their stride. Mike came out on top out of the duo with a 2.00.41(5th) and Dave recorded a 2.03.32 (8th). On scratch the event was won by Kevin Tye Poshbikes.Com with 1.54.57. On age standard if was won by John Woodburn.

34th Nomads 10 on 3rd September on the Q10/19 - posted 21-09-2005
Six members of the club were entered to ride, but on the day only 3 presented themselves on the start line. Early starters still had a small amount of morning mist to contend with but that was soon burnt off by the sun resulting in good conditions. This enabled both Mike Thorogood and Dave Twin to improve on their personal bests. Mike recorded a 20.43 (-10 second) and Dave 21.21 (-1 second). The third started Tim Morton recorded 23.49. The overall event was won by Sean Yates In-Gear R.T. in 19.29.

Kentish Hop LVRC Road Race on 4th September (Horsm - posted 21-09-2005
Dave Twin and Luke Evans started the 54 mile ABC race. In hot conditions both were copping with the pace until the 3rd lap when an attack happened up the start/finish hill. This splintered the race. Luke pulled out with a lap to go. Dave continued riding for 2 laps on his own. Due to the Large number of people pulling out this eventually resulted in 15 place overall. Dave Fleming rode the DEFG race over 45 miles. After another good ride he finished 10th overall and 3rd in his E age group.

20/8 - Epsom CC 10 - posted 21-09-2005
Ian O'Hara rode this event on the G10/42 course in cold weather and relatively busy Saturday morning traffic. Clocking a time of 22:19 Ian finished 6th overall and 1st in the age category (Category B). The event was won by Keith Reed of Epsom CC in 20:57.

August Bank Holiday - Army CU Three Day - posted 21-09-2005
Ian O'Hara rode this Surrey League event which included a prologue up Box Hill on Friday evening, a 70 mile road stage on Saturday, an 11.7 mile Time Trial and a 70 mile road stage with a finish at the top of Leith Hill on the Sunday. The Time Trial, in which Ian finished 7th, proved to be the decisive stage. However, after missing the break in the first stage and loosing 30 seconds to the stage winners on Leith Hill Ian finished 8th overall @ 2 minutes down to the GC winner Colin McDermott of Festival CC.

Shaftesbury CC 50 TT 31/07/05 - posted 25-08-2005
On a damp and slightly chilly morning Dave Twin ventured up to Cambridgeshire to ride this fast course. The slight tail wind on the way out got up a little for the return leg and Dave eventually finished in 2.02.12. The conditions once again did not appear to affect the likes of Ian Cammish, Sonic Cycles who won in a time of 1.47.14.

KCA 50 Q50/ 1 (Roy Enfield Memorial) 21/08/05 - posted 25-08-2005
Ian O'Hara and Dave Twin both rode what is the Harrietsham 25 course twice. With a rising tail wind on the way out and against you on the return the final leg certainly took it out of you. Ian finished 3rd with a time of 2.08.09, picking up a KCA bronze medal and Dave finished 6th in 2.09.38. It was a shame there was no third rider as the club would have had a very good chance of picking up bronze medals for the fastest team. The overall event was won by Brian Philips, East Grinstead C.C. in 2.01.18.

A3crg - P884/30 on 7th August - posted 15-08-2005
Ian O'Hara rode this 30 mile event on the new P884/30 course made up of stretches of the A3 and B3006 between Liphook and Liss. A strong headwind on the southern leg made the going very hard - especially on the last four mile stretch towards the finish. Ian finished 10th overall with a time of 1:08:13. The event was won by Ben Instone of A3crg in 1:00:44.

Redbridge CC 25 E4/25 24th July - posted 25-07-2005
Mike Thorogood and Dave Twin both rode this L shaped course on yet another breezy, warm morning. Mike finished with a time of 57.38 and Dave a 58.58.
Unfortunately Robert and Harry Royston did not start. The overall event was won by Murat Ozdenya of PCA Ciclos Uno in 53.57.

SERRL - Benenden/Sandhurst (5th June) - posted 28-06-2005
Ian O'Hara rode this 120km 1/2/3 cat event on the Benenden/Sandhurst circuit. The first 40 miles were completed at a furious pace with many riders struggling to hang on. A break on the 5th lap led by Mark Daley stayed away with Daley winning the final sprint. Ian managed to get into a second break on the last lap with 12 other riders and, with a great demonstration in how not to contest a sprint (Ians very words), finished 13th

Surrey League - Martins 3 Day Stage Race (28th-30t - posted 28-06-2005
Ian O'Hara took part in this 3 day event for 2/3 Cat riders managing a 3rd place on the first stage and 6th overall on GC.
The first stage saw a neutralised ride through Reigate town centre and then Deepdeene and onto the Henfold Hill and Norwood Hill circuits where there were a number of sprint bonuses. Ian broke away with two laps to go but was caught after about five miles by Guy Powdrill (London Dynamo) and Rob Fallon (Fit For). Ian then broke away on the last lap with and James Beaumont (Kingston Wheelers) and was soon joined by Guy Powdrill. Unable to hold Guy's wheel on the last climb Ian was dropped but with a 90 second lead managed to stay away over the last 5 miles and finished 7 seconds ahead of a fast finishing bunch. The stage was won by James after Guy unfortunately punctured in the last few hundred meters.
Ian worked hard with the Fit For team in second and third stages to sustain the GC and chase down several breaks. During the third stage Ian and Rob Fallon punctured but managed to work together after service during an epic ten mile pursuit of the bunch!

Catford Open 25 Q25/8 Molash on 19/06/05 - posted 28-06-2005
In very hot conditions with a stronger breeze than the inter club event the day before three club members from the club rode. Mike Thorogood was the quickest carrying on his recent form in 58.05. Dave Twin followed in 1.00.23 and Tim Morton recorded 1.04.11. The overall event was won by Pete Tadros In - Gear Quickvit RT in 54.09.

KCA 50 Q50/12 (Brenzett - Ashford twice) 12/06/04 - posted 23-06-2005
n a windy, damp morning Bob Loader, Robert Royston and Mike Thorogood were found down on Romney Marsh to fight it out for the Singer 50 (scratch) trophy. With a rising wind making it harder on the second lap, Mike came out best of the trio with a very impressive time of 2.01.02 (finishing 5th overall), Robert recorded 2.24.02 and Bob 2.37.10. The overall event was won by Gary Banfield of Kent Cycles RC.

SERC (FW Evans Memorial) 25 G25/53 on 5th June 200 - posted 23-06-2005
A warm and blustery morning greeted the 3 Sydenham riders who took part. Harry Royston was the first off of the trio riding his first ever solo 25 and recorded a time of 1.16.14. Rob Royston followed in 1.03.09 and then Dave Twin who turned in a 59.39. The overall event was won by Sean Yates of the In- Gear Quickvit RT in 53.02.

Blenheim Triathlon 22nd May - posted 23-05-2005
New member Richard Hamstead took part in this "Sprint Event" involving a 750m swim, 19.3km bike ride, and 5km run in the scenic grounds of Blenheim Palace. Richard finished inside the top half of the field with an overall time of 1:32:10 and hopes to improve on this with more Time Trial practice in the coming months. The event was won by Andrew Fargus in a time of 1:03:59.

SERRL Event 7 - Benenden on 22/05/2005 - posted 23-05-2005
In very blustery conditions Dave Twin, Ed Rieu, Luke Evans, Jamie Walker and Ian O'Hara rode this 80km road race around 9 laps of the Benenden/Cranbrook circuit. A breakaway formed in the second lap consisting of Ian O'Hara, Malcolm Whitehead (VC Deal) and Matt Smith (Gemini) but this was short lived and by sixth lap the bunch was back together. Several attempts at breaks containing Sydenham riders were foiled until Ian got away with Malcolm Whitehead in the 8th lap. With the benefit of a number of Sydenham and VC Deal riders marking moves in the bunch a lead was built quickly. Malcolm Whitehead proved the strongest in the final climb with Ian finishing second. Dave, Luke and Jamie all finished in the bunch choosing not to contest the sprint because of confined conditions in the last 400 metres. Ed did not finish and used the event as a training exercise.

Dave Flemming Race Round Up - posted 23-05-2005
On Sunday 15th May Dave Fleming rode the Epsoms Daniel and Gracies RR an LVRC event on a hilly course at Elstead in Surrey. Dave got in a break of ten riders which stayed away for the whole race and despite getting cramp at the bottom the finish hill managed to recover to take 5th and 2nd in his age group. This was the 2nd event in the Yellow Jersey series and Dave is now lying 2nd 5pts behind John McMillan Kenton RC.

Sunday 22nd May Dave Fleming rode the Ciclos Uno LVRC race at Eastway. After 3 laps Dave broke away taking one other rider with him. They worked well together lapping the field and with 2 laps to go Dave pulled away to win the race.

Catford CC 10 on Q10/19 on 14th May - posted 16-05-2005
On a cold and very blustery morning the club fielded 5 solos and one tandem to ride in the hard conditions. Robert and Harry Royston were the first club riders to return in a time of 24.15 taking 2nd in the tandem event. The solos then followed with Dave Twin recording 23.50 (28th), Richard Hamstead 28.57 (71st), Mike Thorogood 22.51 (16th), Tim Morton 25.21(46th) and Ian O'Hara 22.47 (15th). The overall event way won by Pete Tadross In-. Gear RT in 20.50.

Paynters Road TT (BERMUDA!!) 8th May - posted 14-05-2005
So there's no traffic, its always hot and stretches of the course run along side the beach. He's going well and obviously doing alright for himself judging by the brand new Trek TT bike(just like Lances). However surely he misses Polhill, Badgers Mount and Cudham Lane?...... Probably not!! ....Click here to see Mr Yeuletts latest result.

John Tully Memorial Open 25 - posted 11-05-2005
On Sunday 24th April the clubs annual open 25 time trial was held on the Q25/20 (Harrietsham) course. The morning started vary misty but as the breeze got up this soon cleared. Due to the breeze the conditions were found to be hard on the longest leg from Ashford to Leeds. The 9 members of the club who rode recrded the following times: Richard Hamstead 1.18.26, Tim Morton 1.06.06, Mark Newton 1.04.01, Mike Thorogood 1.00.00, Jamie Walker 1.07.48, Ian O'Hara 1.02.39, David Twin 1.00.52, Richard Hallett 58.40 and Glyn Tully 1.16.02. The event was won in a new course record of 53.31 by Paul Mill of Team Edwardes.
The event had 80 starters and loads of support from club members. I think it might be nice to mention a big thankyou to: Robert Royston - Organiser Ian O'hara - Sponsorship, mail shots and start sheet Tracey and Emily Thorogood - Catering Bob Loader - Pusher off Ed Rieu, James Thorogood, Graham Ward, Dave Mulford, Ron Beale, John Hambrook and Kevan James - Marshalls Harry Royston - Signing on and result board Neetu O'Hara - Recorder

Whitewebbs cc Criteriums at Eastway April 24th - posted 11-05-2005
Dave fleming rode this LVRC event and got away in the break which went from the gun. Ex pro John McMillan started the break and Brian Dacey DeLaune,Geoff Mindham Norwich and Dave Fleming went with him. They worked well together until about half way through the race when first McMillan and then Dacey started attacking the result of this was that the elastic eventually snapped for Dave who rode the remainder of the race on his own lapping some of the backmarkers in the field and finishing 4th and 2nd in his age category.

Old Ports 4th Cat on May 1st - posted 11-05-2005
Jamie Walker and Dominic Whiten rode the Old Ports/Surrey League 4th Cat at Crowhurst on Sunday 1st May. The bunch set off at a quick pace but stayed together until half distance when Shannon Durrant of Pearsons Cycles broke away. Despite a spirited chase Durrant maintained his lead to a solo victory. Jamie had a great ride and finished 16th in the main bunch whilst Dominic finished with a small following group.

KCA 25 on the Q25/8 (Molash) course - posted 19-04-2005
On this sporting 25 course, Mike Thorogood turned out a 58.24 on yet another cold morning. This resulted in 6th place overall and his 2nd KCA medal of the year. The overall event was won by Gary Banfield of Kent Cycles RC in 56.15.

Epsom Spring Classic Road Race 17-04-05 - posted 19-04-2005
Dave Fleming rode the Epsom Spring Classic Road Race on a very hilly course at Bletchingley on 17th April. He missed the break of four which went on the climb into Bletchingley midway through the first lap and immediately started a lone chase getting to within 75yards of them but was unable to get on and continued on his own for the next 36miles to finish 4th and 3rd in his age group.

LVRC Eastway 10/04/05 - posted 12-04-2005
Ed Rieu and Dave Twin went up to Eastway to ride this LVRC event. A small break went away quite early on in the race, never to be seen again. Dave managed to get in the second break and finished 7th of this 11 man group. He also managed to finish 7th overall in his age group. Ed unfortunately got lapped and treated the event as a speed training exercise.

SERRL 3/4/W/J 03/04/2005 - posted 05-04-2005
Four club members (Luke, Ian, Dominic and Matt) rode this event on which took place over 9 laps of the Leigh circuit in superb sunny conditions. The super keen Ian O'Hara went away after 3 laps shortly being joined by Richard Friend (Gemini) Reg Smith (Chevin Cycles) and Nigel Brazier(VC Elan). Suffering from the exertions of the previous days Surrey League event Ian could not hold onto the lead group and drifted off the back of the break. Meanwhile Matt had clipped of the front of the bunch with two other riders whilst effectively marking moves for Ian. This group of three was soon reduced to two and Matt and Cesar (VC Deal) worked well together to put time into the bunch but did not managed to gain much on the leading trio. After picking up Ian with two laps to go Matt and Ian fought out the sprint for fourth with Cesar who despite being out numbered grabbed the 4th spot from Matt 5th then Ian 6th. In the meantime Luke had got away from the chasing bunch with a small group eventually coming in 13th. Dominic also rode well and finished in the bunch.

San Fairy Ann 25.5 TT 03/04/05 - posted 04-04-2005
A fantastic sunny day saw Bob Loader, Dave Twin and Mike Thorogood riding this sporting time trial on the Qs/4 which is essentially two and bit circuits of the Horsmonden road circuit. There was hardly any wind on the first lap but it got up on the second. Bob recorded 1.22.03, David a 1.05.41 and Mike a 1.04.31. All three members picked up prize money in different categories. The overall event was won by Nigel Polkinghorne of Exeter Wheelers in 1.00.23.

Richards Good Form Continues - posted 30-03-2005
Richard Halletts good start to the season continues with another 2 top tens:-
CDCA Hardriders on 20/03/05 getting 8th in 53.58.
Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Sporting 42km on 27/03/05 getting 4th in 1.02.23.

Crawley Wheelers Sporting TT 25/03/05 - posted 29-03-2005
On a slightly misty, mild morning with hardly any wind David Twin, Bob Loader and Richard Hallett rode this 41.20 mile event on the GS/196 course starting from Handcross down to the back of the South Downs near Shoreham by Sea and back. Bob recorded 2.13.28, David a 1.46.33 and Richard finished 5th with 1.40.31. If Richard's chain hadn't come of getting wedged between the 12 sprocket and the frame he would have probably finished 4th! The overall event was won by Tim Stevens of 34th Nomads in 1.36.42.

VTTA 10 Q10/28 27/03/05 - posted 29-03-2005
On a very misty, cold morning everyone soon discovered that it was a tailwind out to the turn and headwind on the way back. Graham Ward was the first Sydenham rider to finish in 27.21, followed by Mike Thorogood in 23.03, David Twin in 23.47 and finally Tim Morton in 25.57. Mike's time gave him 3rd place overall and fastest vet on scratch. The overall event was won by Gary Banfield of Kent Cycles RC in 21.57.

Wicklow 200 - posted 24-03-2005
Ian O'Hara sent a mail shot around to club members a while ago to see if anyone was interested in riding this event. He has a confirmed group of 10 riding (some club members some not) and the event organiser has now announced that entry on the line will be available. Follow this Link for more info. If you would like to contact Ian please email this site and we will forward the messages to him.

First 2005 Result From Bermuda - posted 22-03-2005
News from across the Atlantic is that our man abroad Mark Yeulett has managed 2nd place in the vets category of his first race of the season. Full Results Here

KCA 3Up TT Q25/20 20th March 2005 - posted 21-03-2005
On a misty, but fairly mild morning two teams rode this rolling course. First off were Mike Thorogood, Luke Evans and David Twin who rode well together as a squad to record a time of 57.30, which included a bit of a sprint for the line with a faster finishing Gemini squad. The second team was made up of Ian O'Hara, Graham Ward and James Thorogood and they recorded a time of 1.08.21. The overall event was won by Team Edwardes in 53.10

The Rise of O'Hara - posted 16-03-2005
New member Ian O'Hara has got is racing career of to a flying start. Finishing Perfs Pedal Race in 37th (his first ever road race) and to our knowledge has ridden a few events at Eastway getting a 5th and a 2nd to move him straight upto 3rd Cat!

Open 25 TT - 80 Year Celebration & Prizes To Match - posted 14-03-2005
This year is the 80th Anniversary of Sydenham Wheelers and to celebrate the occasion we are planning on making the John Tully Memorial Open 25 on Sunday 24th April on the Q25/20 course an event to remember. There is guaranteed minimum prize fund of 300, with 80 going to the fastest rider. This event is being promoted with the kind support of Citihub and Catch Recruitment without whom we would not have been able to offer such a great prize list.

East Surrey Hardriders 13/03/05
- posted 14-03-2005
On a very cold morning, six members of the club ventured down into Surrey to ride this sporting event. The times were as follows:

Richard Hallett 1.17.51
Luke Evans..... 1.17.52
David Twin..... 1.20.38
Graham Ward.... 1.32.20
Bob Loader..... 1.36.01
Mike Thorogood. 1.42.16 (having badly gone off course)
Quite incredibly only 1 sec split Richard and Luke. The earlier starters (Graham, Dave and Bob) got the worst of the cold conditions as it was -2 just after start. Later on the temperature did raise itself a couple of degrees. Paul Mill - Team Edwardes won the event overall in 1.07.38.
Photos Here!

Redhill Sporting TT 01/03/05 - posted 13-03-2005
Richard Hallett was the sole club entry for this sporting event and got round in a time of 00:47:22 to get 7th spot overall. The event was one by Paul Pickup in 00:43:10. Pictures Here!

2005 Reliability Rides - posted 14-01-2005
ts that time of year again and reliability rides are about to start. Below are details of the dates as far as we know!
16th Jan 2005 - West Kent from Horton Kirby
23rd Jan 2005 - C.C. Bexley from Horton Kirby
30th Jan 2005 - Catford from Halstead
6th Feb 2005 - V.T.T.A. from the Depths of Kent???
13th Feb 2005 - Old Portlians from Halstead
20th Feb 2005 - Sydenham from Knockholt