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Saturday 21 Hilly TT
07-09-2019 - GS311 Gracious Lane (Sydenham) -> Result

Saturday 10
31-08-2019 - Q10/19 Tonbridge (7 Oaks) -> Result

Evening 10
15-08-2019 - Q10/18 Polhill (Sydenham) -> Result


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Unfortunately due to the adverse weather forecast for the coming weekend we have been forced to cancel the Reliability Ride scheduled for Sun 9th Feb. Apologies to all those who had planned on riding this event.

Website & Events Page - posted 21-03-2019
We are looking at options for changing the club website with the main aim of making maintenance easier and therefore updates (particulary results) quicker. Whilst this is happening we have loaded only the events up until the end of May. The rest of the events calendar will be updated in due course, once we have worked out what is happening with the site.

Please bear with us on the website and ride safe!

Fareham Wheelers CC 25, Sun 17th June - P884/25 - posted 19-06-2018
It was an early start for Mark Newton (2nd claim)and Dave Twin to travel some way down the A3 to ride this course. Around the Hindhead tunnel the first signs of rain appeared on the windscreen, thankfully the mood was lifted by a whole batch of supercars going past. By the time the guys started warming up the conditions were starting to improve. On the course the damp roads did make it a sketchy through the first roundabout. Generally it was a headwind on the way out and tailwind on the return leg back past the start. The breeze drying the roads quite quickly. Dave finished with a 1.02.03 (53rd), being passed by Mark in the process for 4 minutes. Mark recorded a 56.05 (23rd) and another 2nd claim member David Rumm produced a 54.35 (16th). The overall winner was James Rix, Team Bottrill/Vanguard in 48.42.